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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Learning outcome 6:lead or participate collaboratively in a team.It is important to knowthe meaning of collaboratively in a team. It means the group of members whoshare their ideas, beliefs in the direction of their plan.

The main role inorder to develop any project or presentation is of the leader. He or sheensures that all the members of the team are giving their equally contributionin the project. Although, the team which he or she selected for the task havethe ability to complete the task on the time and be prepare any kind of difficulties.The another main thing to work collaboratively in a team is the communicationamong the team   members. If the communication and the presenceamong of the team members is efficiently, then they can achieve any targetassign to them.So what?There are certain policieswhich we can implemented for the better collaboration in the team.

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The firstthing is that to bring some new ideas and various strategies which is usefulfor their teammates. And all the other members of the team give their feedbackand suggestions on that. The another key aspect is that the good environment withinthe team. The leader has to create a friendly environment for their teammembers which boost their energy level like develop some innovative ideas andinspirational thoughts and so on.

What else?Furthermore, trust playsa very crucial role among all the team members. If a team members doesn’t havetrust towards their another team mates then it will get bad environment andalso bad effect to the work. A trustworthy, environment is very important amongthe team members, so that they can achieve the goal as they desire. Although theregular team meeting is important in which they discuss about their work bysitting together. It also gives the opportunity to shares their ideas amongother team mates and get the best result of their work.


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