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Last updated: October 4, 2019

Subject of Class Readings Before Start of Class; Assignments; and due dates 1 Introduction to Management and Control. Case Studies: Leo’s Four-Plex Theater, Wong’s Pharmacy MCS Chapter 1-2 (p. 3-36) and the 3 short cases (p.

19-21) + “Note on studying cases”. 2 Management Control Alternatives Case study: Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort MCS Chapters 3-4 (p. 76-95; 118-130; 153-178) including the case study: Bellagio Casino Resort 3 Control System Tightness and Costs.

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Case Study: Air Tex Aviation MCS Chapters 5-6 (p. 179-193; 218-227; 240-253) including the Air Tex Aviation case. 4 Financial Results Control Systems (1)Case Studies: Puente Hills Toyota MCS Chapter 7-8 (p. 269-286; 329-349) and case study: Puente Hills Toyota (p. 253-265) 5 Financial Results Control Systems (2) Case Study: Tsinghua Tongfang MCS Chapters 8-9 (p.

329-349; 393-411) and case study: Tsinghua Tongfang (p. 426-431) 6 Performance Measurement Issues Case Study: Las Ferreterias de Mexico MCS Chapters 10+11 (p. 470-496) + HBR1. and case study: Las Ferreterias de Mexico MCS (p. 459-462) 7 Performance Measurement Issues (2). Case study: Domestic Auto Parts MCS Chapter 11 + HBR2 + HBR3 + HBR4 + case study: Domestic Auto Parts. 8 Uncontrollable Factors & Situational Influences.

Case study: Olympic Car Wash MCS Chapters 12 and 16 (p. 533-549; 723-738) including the case: Olympic Car Wash case study (p. 548) 9 Corporate Governance, Management Control Roles & Etical Issues and Analysis Case Studies: Don Russell: Experiences of a Controller/CFO MCS Chapter 13, 14 and 15 (p. 577-596; 631-648; 685-699) including the case study: Don Russell: Experiences of … (p. 641-648) + HBR5 10 Ethics continued Nonprofit Organizations, Course Wrap Up, & Exam Preparation. Case Study: Formosa Plastics Group MCS Chapter 15 + AH1. MCS Chapter 17 (p.

781-791) and for course wrap up the case study: Formosa Plastics Group (p. 555-563)

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