Leonardo a mathematician, engineer, painter, and much more

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Last updated: August 27, 2019

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most important people in history.

By being mostly self – taught, da Vinci became a renaissance man by creating theories, inventions, and observations ranging from aeronautics to anatomy. Helicopters, cars, machine guns, and the clock are just a few inventions  Leonardo created that affected and helped us today. Leonardo is unique in his own way.

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He was a person with many talents and areas of knowledge , otherwise known as a renaissance man and so much more. His skills were outstanding and everyone knew it. But what people didn’t know was that his biggest project was destroyed during war. Michelangelo was one on da Vinci’s biggest rivals, both competing for commissions and fame.

He never finished the arguably greatest painting ever , the Mona Lisa. Everyone knew da Vinci from his artwork, his knowledge, and his renaissance contributions, but most  didn’t know about his personal life details.Da Vinci has a handful of interesting facts that most people never knew about. But he also has over a dozen on inventions people probably never knew about either. As a mathematician, engineer, painter, and much more ,. da Vinci used his wise mind to improve life back then by creating inventions that were very useful. Leonardo invented little things like scissors, water floats, and mirror writing.

He created medium sized things such as the crossbow, catapult models, and the rotating bridge models. And large creations like tanks, robots, and what was once the largest horse statue in the world , the colossus or the sforza monument. Leonardo improved the world then and even now and it’s remarkable how he invented things in the medieval period than are so advanced. And although these inventions are old, we still use all of them till this day. Da Vinci has created some of the worlds greatest inventions and creations,  but he also created some of the most famous paintings ever. Leonardo is gifted with many abilities and talents, one on them obviously being a amazing skill in art. He has two paintings that are among the world’s most famous artworks yet.

His first painting the Last Supper was a reflection of the cenacle which was painted from 1495 to 1498 that measures at about 15 by 29 feet. And his second famous painting, the Mona Lisa which was never finished was painted from 1503 to 1506 measures at about 21 by 31 inches. He also had other work but they were lost or destroyed like the sforza monument. Because da Vinci played multiple roles, he finds ways to connect everything together.

He even believed the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper were both connected with science and nature. Along with his unique artwork, Leonardo created a unique type on writing. Mirror writing, when you write from right to left backwards and it could only look normal when put in front on a mirror.

 He always writes in mirror writing unless he was writing something intended for other people. Many people had different theories about why da Vinci wrote like this. Some thought it was because  he wanted to prevent people from stealing his ideas. Others thought it was because he was trying to prevent ink smudges , or even that he was trying to hide his scientific ideas from the romans. We all have theories about why he invented and wrote in mirror writing , but nobody truly knows. Leonardo da Vinci accomplished almost  everything during his lifetime.

Such things as creating famous paintings to creating famous inventions that we have till this day. And it’s amazing how a self-taught renaissance man could imagine and come up with these ideas and theories with very few  resources. With all of the things that we know da Vinci has accomplished, he is arguably the most important person in history.

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