Lesson 7: ENG11

1. Who coined the phrase “The Beat Generation”?
Jack Kerouac

2. What was Kerouac’s writing method called?
Spontaneous Prose

3. What is the meaning of the root word in photosynthesis ?

4. Which of the following statements describes an antecedent?
the noun that a pronoun refers to or replaces

5. What is the meaning for the root word in photograph ?

6. Why was Columbia University the perfect environment for the emergence of the Beat Generation?
The conservative teachings of professors combined with the nonconformist thinking of the students were catalysts for a literary movement.


Which work is Ginsberg best known for?

a poem titled “Howl”

8. Which of the following root words is Greek in derivation?

9. Who does the narrator of the poem “A Supermarket in California” meet and have a conversation with?
Walt Whitman

14. Why did Jack Kerouac break away from Allen Ginsberg?
Kerouac did not support the antiwar movement.

15. What is the meaning for the root word in repulse ?

18. What was Jack Kerouac’s famous novel On the Road based on?
his travel experiences

9. Which of the following statements describes a pronoun?
a word used in place of a noun

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