Letter from the Trenches

Dear Mom and Dad, I am a soldier in the war. I’m sorry for not telling you that I was Joining the army but didn’t want to get your hopes up if something happened to me. Life as a soldier was difficult because you had small rations and a lot of people died from scared food and products that were already spoiled. I remember my Sargent telling me to be careful out there in the trenches because enemy forces could rush you at any time and kill you from behind. I will never forget the moment when our dugout was so uddy that we were camouflaging with the mud because of the rain.

One side of the barbed wire was a ton of dead bodies that had a lot of flies and rats that were surrounding the bodies and they were eating their flesh. Also on the other side there was a machine gun turret that was killing enemies on No Mans Land. I got shot in the leg and caused me to get a wound and also I ended up in the hospital because I had trench foot, which is a foot disease that kills your skin cells. I will never forget how bad it smelled because of people dying and really sick. We always had to be on our uard because enemies attempted to bomb our trench.

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The soldiers that survived the bombing were wounded and many of them had lice, which made them very unhealthy because it lived on our skin. When we where on the battlefield we frequently had to have a gas mask present because the air was intoxicated with chemical gases that didn’t let us breathe. Every commander got there own personal rifle because the were in charge. I’m glad I wrote you this letter to tell you the truth. I am so sorry about every thing. I hope you understand why I did this. Sincerely,


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