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Last updated: February 19, 2019

    Letter of RecommendationItis a pleasure for me to write this recommendation letter for Ms. Anjali Singh, who is applying forthe Master’s program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at KTH RoyalInstitute of Technology. I know Anjali since past eight years when she joinedher Master of Technology in Biotechnology program. She joined this programafter qualifying the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) nationallevel exam with a significant score and was awarded with Fellowship in LifeSciences. I was responsible for the course work along with being an internalsupervisor for her Master’s dissertation.

During different interactions withher, I came to know about her aspiration to become a bio-entrepreneur. In thecapacity of her course supervisor and also as an acquaintance, I believe, Iwill be able to provide an unequivocal letter of support for her.Before pursuingthis program, she completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Science,which is indicative of her interest in academics and biological sciences. Sheis well read and makes efforts to update her knowledge not only of the subjectstaught at the college but also in terms of general awareness and currenthappenings around the world. She explained her views in a clear and concisemanner with supporting evidences which were very persuasive.

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I believe that Anjali will be able to contribute to yourprogram in a number of ways. Not only is she skilled in the field of biologicalsciences, she also has a contagious enthusiasm that encourages those around herto work harder and achieve solutions for both personal and professionalproblems. She knows how to work well as part of a team and is able to modelappropriate communications skills in almost any given situation.

 Shehas actively participated in various social, cultural and sports relatedactivities at college level which I believe are inherent part of overallpersonality development. AsAnjali’s direct supervisor, I have seen her demonstrate strong criticalthinking skills and the leadership capabilities necessary for success inthe entrepreneurship and management field. She is kind, humble, and seems comfortablein a leadership role.Inconclusion, it has been a delight to provide this letter to support herapplication as I am aware of her interest in entrepreneurship and am sure thatshe will be able to translate her vast biological knowledge into commercialventures.

I can assure that she, with her right bend of mind, aptitude,patience and enthusiastic attitude, will prove to be a successful entrepreneur.Therefore, I highly recommend Ms. Anjali Singh as acandidate for Master’s program in Entrepreneurship and InnovationManagement at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Please feel free to write to me if youhave any further queries.Sincerely,  

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