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Last updated: August 20, 2019

Letter of Recommendation             Over the course of my teaching career, I have come to identify a few key qualities that define a successful student – dedication, perseverance and being proactive. In Ullas, I find each of these in ample and hence, it gives me great pleasure to recommend him to your university. As the Head of the Department of Information Science, I have handled him the courses File Structures and Software Architecture.

I have also interacted with him during lab sessions and outside class hours and feel qualified enough to recommend him.            In his final year of engineering, I was his project mentor and have observed him work from close quarters. His team took up a complex project based on the IEEE paper “Controlling IP Spoofing Through Inter-Domain Packet Filters”. The implementation of this project required a great deal of research. His ardor in gaining an in-depth understanding of the topic and the methodical approach he undertook in going about the project was laudable.

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The fact that he not only executed the project well within the stipulated time, but also added a few modifications of his own is a testimony to his perseverance and innovation.            He has excellent communication skills and is very articulate in presenting his ideas. His presentation on the topic ‘CHARMY: A Framework for Designing and Verifying Architectural Specifications’ requires a special mention. His eloquence, self-confidence and understanding of the topic were well manifested here as he was able to clearly elucidate some convoluted topics.            He demonstrated his creativity and management skills when he co-founded and organized the event ‘Verbal Googly’ in our intra-collegiate fest. The popularity it garnered led to being a regular feature in our annual, state-level fest – ‘Pantheon’.

This brought to fore his organizational skills and leadership qualities, as he and his team conducted the event with panache.            I believe that his inquisitive mind and analytical skills combined with his technical know-how will greatly facilitate research work at your university. I am confident that he will be a great asset to your esteemed university and hence, I gladly recommend Ullas for the graduate program.Regards,Dr.

M V Sudhamani,Professor & Head of Department,Information Science and Engineering,RNS Institute of Technology, VTUBangalore, India – [email protected] 

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