Blood with many substances dissolved in it, all

Blood is a body fluid that has major functions in the body like transport, protection and regulation, making it possible for life to go on. Blood is composed of properties such as the formed elements and plasma. The plasma is the liquid part of the blood that consist of water with many substances dissolved in it, all the chemicals needed by the cells to stay alive example nutrients, oxygen and

AP 3rd Poetry Terms: Metonymy-Overstatement

Metonymy The changing of a word so that it is not called by its own name, but rather something closely related to it.Example: “As he swung toward them holding up the handHalf in appeal, but half as if to keep The life from spilling. “ Symbol Something that stands for or represents something else than what it literally means.Example: “My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the

Creative writing semester 1 final

Generative writing Free-Writing, listing, brainstorming Generative writing describes: Types of writing done to generate and explore ideas Techniques for showing Dialogue, sensory details, action Generative writing differs from drafting Generative writing is generating ideas. Drafting is putting down the first version of the story. Memoir Nonfiction based on personal experience or memory Difference between memoir and autobiography Autobiography details a long span of time; memoir focus on a theme Difference


In the novel Jeremiah is the representation of Christ and everything in the world. He is very religious and humble who has the power to perform miracles. Many of the characters such as Israel Finch and Tommy Basca seem, at first, to represent evil. Jape is the representation of the Anti- Christ and Jeremiah’s opposite. Between the two of them they are the balance of right and wrong. As Davy

The Church before the Reformation

1. Source A suggests the view that anticlericalism was the cause of the reformattion (“..numerous developments were preparing.. .for some sort of relious and ecclesiastical change”), and that the reformation occurred because of the weakness and stability of the church (“the english church…stood poorly equipped to weather the storms of the new age”, “its tibers rotted and barnacled”) – i.e. the failure of the church to stand up to the

Place Small

In Jamaica Kincaid’s “A Small Place”, she expresses her life in a world that is made to be an escape for pleasure for tourists who visit Antigua. In this memoir, the author illustrates a conflicted sense of life and identity on the island of Antigua. To tourists, it is a place of paradise, a sense of unreality, like the island is a stage that is set theatrically. It is a

Many once the blood is oxygenated it flows

Many species fall into the class of vertebrates to include fish, reptiles, mammals, and birds. The main function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body, supplying the body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and other waste products. While, the heart functions similarly among vertebrates it is structurally different, particularly in the number of chambers found in it. Vertebrates are distinguished by their multi chambered hearts can

Our them. Examples of skeletal muscles in the

Our bodies work everyday to help us achieve our goals, from facial expressions to more complex demands such as driving a car. Muscles are involved in every step we take but what do we really know about them?. If we don’t know how our muscles work, we risk causing damage to arguably one of the most necessary systems of our bodies. What are muscles? Therefore,by understanding the muscles in our

APH weeks you’ll have successfully developed the habit

APH #17: Start Exceedingly Small Excuse Eliminated: “I feel overwhelmed and have too much to do.” In psychology, there’s a term called the hot-cold empathy gap. Basically this describes how people can set lofty plans from an analytical “cold” state, but they often forget about what it’s like to be in a “hot” state where they’re bombarded with temptation. It’s kind of like making the promise to swear off sweets, but caving

Team accounts for how one talks to others,

Team Work – I’ve felt like I work very well in teams, although I do also work well alone, it feels great working alongside people who can help you get a job done efficiently and easily, especially if you grow to like those people which in my past experiences has always been the case; so I’m very used to working with teams.Maturity – I believe maturity extends far beyond what a lot

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