The 1913 Derby

Question 4 – Study source F. How reliable is this account? Explain your answer.Source F was written by Mary Richardson who was also part of the Suffragette movement, so I have to beware that she may be bias but in the source she doesn’t actually strongly suggest that Emily was a martyr, she says she has been told this but her own opinion is not voiced. She simply recalls seeing

Ardavan Farhad Moshiri

Born 18 May 1955 in Iran is an Iranian-British businessman and investor, who resides in Monaco. [3] Moshiri owns and has shares in numerous steel and energy companies in Britain and Russia. [4] Moshiri is a chartered certified accountant and previously worked for Ernst & Young, PKF and De10itte. [5] Moshiri and longstanding business partner Alisher Usmanov are co-owners of Red & White Holdings, which bought 14. 65% of the

Memoir Literary Devices

syntax sentence structure hyperbole purposeful exaggeration for effect pacing short-long sentences for effect subtext the hidden or underlying meaning of something simile a comparison using like or as allusion a reference to another work of literature, person, or event metaphor figure of speech comparing two different things not using like or as diction choice of words denotation dictionary definition connotation emotional appeal context environment of a situation tone the writers

NSE 3 Genres of Literature

géneros de la literatura genres of literature fábula fable leyenda legend mito myth el poema poem poesía poetry cuento short story novela novel telenovela soap opera fotonovela picture novel comedia play el musical musical ópera opera el ballet ballet biografía biography ensayo essay artículo article obra work (of literature, art) la ficción fiction bélico war biográfico biographic cómico comic dramático dramatic documental documentary histórico historical horrífico horrific infantil child’s melodramático

Literary Genres

Fable A folktale that teaches a moral or lesson, often with animals as characters. Autobiography A biography of a person written by that person. Science Fiction Fiction that deals with science and technology, and adventuring into the unknown. Drama Skits, musicals, or plays that use the spoken word to share a message. Fantasy The author creates a magical world where anything can happen. Mystery Fiction that involves a crime that

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