Poetry Slam Script

TJ intro 1 Yo Dave Dave intro 1 Yeah TJ intro 2 Should we start out with that poem joke? Dave intro 2 Yeah yeah good idea it’s hilarious TJ intro 3 What if no one laughs? Dave intro 3 Don’t worry they will. TJ intro 4 Where do poems come from? Dave intro 4 I don’t know, where? TJ intro 5 PoeTREES TJ intro 5 cont. Dude no one

AP Literary Terms (abstract – aside)

abstract An style (in writing) that is typically complex, discusses intangible qualities like good and evil, and seldom uses examples to support its points. absurd hero Their outlook is this: determined to continue living with passion even though life appears to be meaningless. academic As an adjective describing style, this word means dry and theoretical writing. When a piece of writing seems to be sucking all the life out of

What discipleship involves

In this coursework, I will explore what discipleship involves. I will start by introducing the disciples and discussing their calls and responses. I will then go on to write about their challenges. I will also be writing about the rewards they achieved and the sacrifices they made. Last of all I will write about their jobs and duties.The names of disciples are Simon (Peter), Andrew, James, john, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew

The poet’s path to wisdom

Name: Course:Instructor: Date: The poet’s path to wisdom Rilke in his poem the dragon princess says how worry of facing challenges inhibits people from acquiring wisdom to deal with difficulties that they face in their lives. Yet facing these challenges can yield good results in their lives. He explains that through persistence this obstacle can be overcome by human beings to achieve successful results that will become a source of

Sparta in ancient Greece. The Spartans were a

Sparta was known as the most powerful city-state in ancient Greece. The Spartans were a strong and very powerful army. All their brutal training resulted in one of the most feared fighting forces ever. A mascot is a symbol which represents something. The Spartans were very strong and tough, they were determined, and they had great survival skills. All these qualities made an unstoppable army. This is why they are

Benedicts Rule of Discernment

Midterm Paper Assignment, 10/28/13 In the beginning of class we were proposed a model of discernment from Part 1: the Rule of Saint Benedict. “Listen carefully, my son, to the master’s instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart. This is advice from a father who loves you; welcome it, and faithfully put it into practice. ” (St. Benedict, Prologue Page 1) With this rule as Benedict

13 characteristics of an epic hero

First characteristic Excels in skill, strength, and courage Second characteristic Succedes in war and adventure Third characteristic Values honor and glory Fourth characteristic Usually has a guide Fifth characteristic Battles demons or monsters Sixth characteristic Is generous to his followers but ruthless to enemies Seventh characteristic Is a man of action Eighth characteristic Accepts challenges and sometimes invites problems Ninth characteristic Sometimes make rash decisions and takes unnecessary risks Tenth

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