Poetry "Sympathy"

Characters Bird, Narrater Setting Spring, Outside, Day, Cage Plot The bird see the beauty of spring and wants to fly away, but he is trapped in his own prison, so he injures himself trying to escape Theme People will die for their freedom Type of Poem Lyric # of Stanzas 3 Rhyme Scheme abaabcc Alliteration Beats His Bars Simile Flows Like a Stream of Glass Repetition I Know Contrast Reality

Poetry Test – (1) Dreams / Dreams Deferred

“Dreams” – author by Langston Hughes “Dreams” -theme is about the importance of dreams and their ability to empower, strengthen and sustain an individual’s life. “Dreams” – Similarities Both poems have a central theme of Dreams, but they deal with different aspects of this issue. In this poem Hughes’ possible theories on what becomes of dreams deferred are all negative. This reinforces his poem “Dreams” which says not to let

Poetry of The Harlem Renaissance

Langston Hughes Who wrote the poem that asks the question, “What happens to a dream deferred?” Stairs The extended metaphor in Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” compares life to _________________________. “Harlem Shadows” “I hear the halting footsteps of a lass/In Negro Harlem when the night lets fall/Its veil.” What Claude McKay poem is this line from? “America” In what poem does Claude McKay show a contrast in thought – or

Poem- Harlem by Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred? What happens when a dream is put off until later? Does it dry up/like a raisin in the sun? Does it give up? Raisin represents slaves in the sunflavorless, chippy, dry Or fester like a sore–/and then run? So full of negativityTo become infested and ooze pus Does it stink like rotten meat? Person stops taking care of themself Or crust and sugar over–/like

Final first semester

What does carpe diem mean? seize the day Why does Mr. Keating teach his students carpe diem? So they make the most of each day Why do we study poetry? Because we are members of the human race: because love, romance, beauty…those are the things we live for. What is the Dead Poet’s Society A group of students who sneak out of school to read poetry. Where does the DPS

Comparing Poetry: Poetic Devices

School looms large, and I feel smallI pause until the door swings wideI hoist my pack, step insideAdjust my cuffs, smooth my hairAnd wonder what I’m doing here.Which lines rhyme? lines 2 and 3 Throat is dry;weather’s hot. I buy a canand pop the top.I lift the canto trembling lips,And find reliefWith one cool sip.How many stanzas does the poem contain? 2 Skimming the bottomIn the company of toes,I observe

Chinese following the amendments made to the Enemy

Chinese investments in India may be at risk following the amendments made to the Enemy Property Act in India. The nearly five decades old Act dictates the future of the properties in India owned by citizens of China and Pakistan. Following the amendment to the Act, over 9,400 properties are now all set for auction by the government of India. A report by news agency PTI said that any property managed

Your which is why I want to be

Your dream can be your future. Since a child I’ve had a dream to make people’s lives brighter and take care of them; which is why I want to be a doctor in my future. I also have reasons for making becoming a docs my goal for the my future. These reasons being wanting to help people, achieving many accomplishments in my life, and also wanting to have a good

•Madeline devising a “stratagem” to trick Madeline into

•Madeline pursues the St.Agnes ritual and results in her seeing her true love Porphyro. So either the legend of St.Agnes and it’s magic does work in reality or it’s all imagination. The reader don’t actually know if it’s reality or imagination. And that’s exactly what Keats wants, as he, himself was troubled by the lack of imagination there was at the time. He may want to challenge us to think

Social to the definite action of a person

Social sciences argue that theremay be sex differences that gay individuals experience their identity and identifythemselves as gay (Ettorre 1980; Kitzinger 1987; Rich 1980; Rust 1992, 1993;Vanable, McKirnan, and Stokes 1994). Although different companies have begun totap into the LGBT “dream market” (Rigdon, 1991), however the topic has receivedvery little attention in academic literature. Fuss (1989), shed the light onthe topic of gay identity by asking “is identity a personal,

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