How would religious people explain why their belief in life after death is important

What happens when you die? You stop breathing. There are many different religions in the world and they all have different views about life after death, and its importance. Some religions are better known, so more people practice these religions or know something about them.Christians believe that God exists and that he made the world and all things in it; The birds; The trees; The animals; The people, even the

Romeo and Juliet-Balcony Scene

In this essay, I will be modernising one of the most famous scenes in one of the most famous storys in the history of theatre, Romeo and Juliet. I will be modernising the Balcony Scene, this is very well known and at the same time a very misunderstood scene. Masses of people everyday are misunderstanding the balcony scene. I will be targeting the modernised scene at a young audience. I

Genesis Creation Summary

Although there are not many forces of chaos that God must confront in the world in which he created, disorder still exists in these chapter of Genesis. In Genesis 1 God first creates light and day, or night and darkness. God then created the ground or “firmament” and then separated the waters from the ground. He called this the earth and the sea’s. God then made the light of the

The Lady in the Moon

TIGHT [image] BRIGHT [image] PIE [image] LIE [image] NIGHT [image] DIE [image] LIGHT [image] HIGH [image] RIGHT [image] TIE [image]

The Apprentice House

In 1790 an apprentice house was built in Styal which could house up to 100 children. By 1800 there were 90 children living in the house, 60 girls and 30 boys. This was half the work force at the mill at the time. Most of the children were aged between 10 years and 12 years and were contracted to work for a period of seven years. As the children arrived

Monkey’s Paw

Monkeys paw is set in a house. People see their houses as being safe. The weather outside is wet and windy. Their house is protecting them from the cruel outside world. But when the major brings in this monkeys paw he penetrates the houses barriers and the house is safe no more. The house seems cold and unwelcoming after the monkeys paw has had its first wish. The story doesn’t

Othello – English Exam Essay

Othello is a calamity written by Shakespeare in 1602. The chief character. Othello is a popular general in the town of Venice. He falls for the immature Desdemona and all goes good for a piece. until Othello promotes Cassio alternatively of Iago. This causes Iago to go covetous and he plots a malicious program to do Othello unhappy. He manipulates different people into acquiring them to make what they want

You can do that sometimes and not ever start

You ever knowed someone who’s mam died and they was all broken like glass inside and they was your best friend ever? I din’t know what to say or what to do and so I just looked at Carl, looking sad as wet sunsets or dead kittens, and being just as silent, and one hand on his shoulder and not sure that was ok to do.She wasn’t sick, his mam,

Gorillas of grass. So their belly weighs the most

Gorillas are veryinteresting species.  A lot of peoplethink that gorillas are very simple and think of them as just anotheranimal.  Gorillas are actually verystrange animals for many different reasons. In this essay, the gorilla’sappearance, behavior, and habitat will all be talked about.      Thegorilla’s appearance make the gorilla a gorilla. Male gorillas are more than5.5 feet tall while standing. When the gorilla walk on their knuckles it iscalled knuckle walking and

In cut and send sugarcane to the mill within

In Sugar Estates there were four main places. The planter’s house or better known as The Great House, it usually stood on top of a hill, the factory, where they made sugar, the field, which was filled with sugar cane and the small huts, which generally was far from the great house, where the slaves lived(This is shown in fig.1). It was in these tiny huts which African slaves were

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