A more recent case in point is the blockade

A more recent case in point is the blockade of Germany after thecessation of World War I in order to coerce that country to stand down from itsopposition to certain leonine clauses of the Treaty of Versailles. Theunilateral coercive measure applied against Germany visited untold sufferingson the German population, whose basic rights were ignored.1 Infact, the founding fathers of the League of Nations considered coercivemeasures as the backbone of its

Dressed juice, and a pinch of sugar to light

Dressed to the nines? It’s time to lift up your spirits. Grab a cocktail & get the party started. The modern cocktail scene is filled with contemporary flavors and innovative looks, but there are evergreen favorites that have whetted the palates of generations of cocktail lovers. What about some signature cocktails for your next pool party? Whip up a few age-old classy cocktails to add a dash of class to

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