Corrupt Societies

In both novels there are problems with the characters finding their own sense of individualism and identity. How do we know what an individual is? In Bradbury’s novel Montag develops as a character. At first he is all about going with the flow and belonging to society. As the plot develops we learn how the society functions as a whole. Everyone believes what they are told about books, knowledge in

The Church before the Reformation

1. Source A suggests the view that anticlericalism was the cause of the reformattion (“..numerous developments were preparing.. .for some sort of relious and ecclesiastical change”), and that the reformation occurred because of the weakness and stability of the church (“the english church…stood poorly equipped to weather the storms of the new age”, “its tibers rotted and barnacled”) – i.e. the failure of the church to stand up to the

APH weeks you’ll have successfully developed the habit

APH #17: Start Exceedingly Small Excuse Eliminated: “I feel overwhelmed and have too much to do.” In psychology, there’s a term called the hot-cold empathy gap. Basically this describes how people can set lofty plans from an analytical “cold” state, but they often forget about what it’s like to be in a “hot” state where they’re bombarded with temptation. It’s kind of like making the promise to swear off sweets, but caving

Team accounts for how one talks to others,

Team Work – I’ve felt like I work very well in teams, although I do also work well alone, it feels great working alongside people who can help you get a job done efficiently and easily, especially if you grow to like those people which in my past experiences has always been the case; so I’m very used to working with teams.Maturity – I believe maturity extends far beyond what a lot

SAT Vocabulary

elegy a speech given in honor of a dead person elicit to bring forth,drawout,evoke eloquent expressive,articulate,moving elucidate to clarify,explain elude to evade,escape emaciated very thin,enfeebled looking embellish to decorate,adorn embezzle to steal money by falsifying records enend to correct or revise a written text eminent distinguished,prominent,famous emollient soothing emote to express emotion empathy sensitivity to another’s feelings as if they were one’s own empirical based on observation or experience emulate

The High Value of Reading

Growing up, reading was a crucial part of our education and becomes a useful skill in our everyday lives. However, there is a fair share of the population that do not appreciate the value of reading. Presumably, these people do not know the life changing effects that reading could have. Some of the reasons that we read growing up include seeing influential figures reading, reading for the storytelling aspect, or

The Concept of Fate as Portrayed in The White Tiger

In Aravind Adiga’s “The White Tiger,” fate is portrayed in India as being a bleak future for those who do not rank highly in society. The protagonist, Balram, rejects this idea and feels suppressed in his life of being a servant, so develops his destiny through some choice decisions that effectively break him free from servitude. These decisions came with changes to his morals and would be more than questionable

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