I lay there in the sludge and rotting sewage of Paris

I lay there in the sludge and rotting sewage of Paris, where I had come to lie everynight, my new home, with nowhere else to go. Chilling, pain ridden screams and howls arose from behind the concrete walls of the prison waking me from my deep slumber I was greeted by the smell of cold, hard steel and the irrepressible stench of rotting flesh and blood from the lucky dead.

During this blessed month of Ramadan all Muslims, fast as well as try to be a better person

In the month of fasting, all Muslims rise in the morning before sunrise, when it is still dark, to eat a whole meal, then they do no eat again after sunset when it is dark. As well as not eating and drinking, a Muslim must be a good person, not talking behind people’s backs, not lying or being a bad person and also it is a special time to study

Snob: Social Class and Grace

When both John and his father made eye contact with each other in the department store Characters: Young Harcourt: a young boy of lower class Grace: a smart, independent, high-class young girl Father: The father’s wish to live in the past What is the conflict? Internal- Man vs. Himself/ He lacked confidence in himself because he Grace’s family as a high status family and his family as a lower class

Dear Diary

It was a sunny day as the weather forecast had been told it would be 25 degree. I was wearing my summer dress as I was doing my Geography homework outside in the garden. It started to get a bait chilly so I popped inside to get a cardigan as I ran outside the light from the sun was dark, I stared at the sky until I realised that there

To compare the quality of life

The aim of my coursework is to compare the quality of life between two contrasting areas. One area will be Milton Keynes which is a planned urban environment and my 2nd area is Hayes which is an urban sprawl and also my home area. My hypothesis is that, A planned urban environment provides a better quality of life than those that emerge through urban sprawl. I will be gathering information using

Handling Natural Disasters – Tsunami

Elevating your house will help reduce damage to your property from most tsunamis. ;k Take precautions to prevent flooding. Have an engineer check your home and advise about ways to make it more resistant to tsunami water. * See a local radio or television station for updated emergency information. * Follow instructions issued by local authorities. What to do DURING a Tsunami * If you are at home and hear

The three advertisements

Write a detailed analysis of the three advertisements, comparing their different approaches to their subject and the different female stereotypes that they use. I will be analysing three different adverts that i have been given which all have chosen to use females to advertise their products and service. Today in the 21st century advertisements are all around us. Whether it is in town with billboards and banners, or at home

Great Expectations

The opening chapters of any novel are key in introducing the reader to the storyline. There are numerous ways in which to attach the reader early on in, and to, the novel. The opening chapters are where the reader will become acquainted with key characters, become involved in the characters’ lives, and get an overall feeling/mood about the novel. It is important that these opening chapters, then, are skilfully written

Duffy – Little Red

The poem starts with a fast paced first line, commas are used frequently to fasten the pace of the poem. The enjambment also helps to increase the speed by showing the flow of the lines and show a continuity, and it’s only when she first sees the wolf that a full stop is used suggesting that she is startled or in awe of the wolf. She describes her first glimpse

International Perspectives

Anyone else found in possession of this document without Proper clearance will be subject to full disciplinary measures.  The aim of this assignment is to identify terrorism and what it is, the methods that they use and the way governments combat it. ‘The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against people or property to coerce, or intimidate governments, or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.’What we

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