King anything for her.The king of Seriphos, Polydectes,

King Acrisius had learned from the oracle that his daughter, Danae, was going to have a son that will one day kill him. He realized that he could not kill Danae because the gods would punish him for it, so he decided to lock her up in a high tower, with a small slit for air, so that she would never be able to have a child (Switzer). While crying

English 4A Lesson 1 Anglo-Saxons / Seafarer / Beowulf

The invasion of England by the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. Which event for many historians marks the beginning of English history and the Anglo-Saxon period? Angles, Jutes and Saxons. From which Germanic tribe(s) did the English language develop? Denmark. The Anglo-Saxons were descendents of tribes that invaded England. From which country did these tribes originate? Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. What was one of the first manuscripts to be written in the

poetry/Robert Frost test

poima means works pioeín means to make what are three grouping of lines in poetry? couplet, tercet , and quatrain define rhyme exact or true:: Words that end in both the same vowels sound define slant rhyme words that end in a similar way but not exact sound define rhyme scheme a set pattern of rhyme define tone the emotional attitude towards the reader or the subject implied by the

The Odyssey Part 1

Who is speaking on page 1045? Homer What is going to happen in this epic poem? Going to tell a story of a man who fought at Troy and his journey home Who could Odysseus not save? Why? His men, they were reckless and ate cattle, would not listen to him What impressions of Odysseus do you get from the introduction of the story? Confident, determined, but boasted Who rules

Was the label “the Butcher of the Somme” a fair description of General Haig

In December 1915 it was still a stalemate situation on the Western front. This was because both sides were dug deep into a line of trenches stretching over 70 miles from the Belgian ports to Switzerland; neither army could gain any ground, or make any progress towards victory. The British questioned how well their army was being led. On 10th December 1915 General Haig was appointed as the new commander

How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries

Name: Course:Instructor: Date: How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries Sharwama sandwich is a common meal in the Middle East and some parts of Europe. It has become common in the western world due to the Middle East people introducing it in their restaurants. It is a balanced diet dish, which consists of meat, flat bread and vegetables stuffing with sauce. It consists of thinly sliced pieces of seasoned


Name Course Instructor Date Energy Saving at Home 1. How many compact fluorescent lamps are installed in your home? 8 2. What kind of energy improvements have you done on your home? Zero-cost changes (e.g. , turning off lights) 3. If you have a ceiling fan, how many hours per day do you use it? (Average summer and winter) 1-2 hours 4. Have you tried LED lights in your home?

The Picture of Dorian Grayby, Oscar Wilde (Setting, Plot)

Setting: The novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by, Oscar Wilde is set in London England in the nineteenth century; the setting is credible for many reasons first of all because the setting is not based in a fictional place but a real world place (London England). The setting is also credible because Dorian lives in the upper west side where he lives a life of wealth, lugguary and pleasure.

Hansel and leave them there. Hansel left breadcrumbs

Hansel and Gretel  Once upon a time….  A woodcutter and his two kids named Hansel and Gretel lived in a poor home.  He has a wife who hated kids so she nagged her poor husband to take his kids out to the woods and leave them there. Hansel left breadcrumbs behind him for a trail, but it became food for the birds to eat. Without a path, they searched the forest and then Gretel noticed a strange house made of candy.    Both Hansel and Gretel were starving. Their hunger was infuriating so they couldn’t help themselves to the gumdrop shrubs. As they slowly approached the house with concern, they didn’t have any clue that somebody was living inside. A witch notices the kids in her yard, opens the door and happily brings them

“Office Application” “Assignment:-2” Q.N. AN. 1 “””‘You want

“Office Application””Assignment:-2”                                                Q.N. AN. 1″””‘You want to show theBusiness Adviser how a word processing feature, such as text formatting, can beused more efficiently if automated.”””(i) “choosea text formatting feature, for example, embolden, underline, etc.”””(ii). “Constructa macro, using the macro recorder, to automate it.”””(iii). “Wordprocess a list of the steps that you have undertaken to produce the macro. “”(iv). “Demonstratethat the macro works by selecting some text in one of your reports

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