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alliteration Repetition of initial consonant sounds ballad a musical narrative song or poem that in most cases recounts a single exciting dramatic episode. consonance Repetition of a consonant sound within two or more words at the end of a word. end-stopped line A line that ends with a natural speech pause, usually marked by punctuation foot A unit of rhythm or meter; the division in verse of a group of

Poetic Terms

Literal Language Words that are used to mean exactly what they say Figurative Language Words that are used to create an image or suggest an idea Metaphor A figure of speech comparing two unlike things without using “like” or “as” Hyperbole An extreme exaggeration, used for emphasis or humor Personification A type of figurative language in which human traits are assigned to nonhuman objects Simile A figure of speech that

Ao auxiliar no aumento da serotonina, porém, isso

 Ao falar-se em serotonina, trata-se de um neurotransmissor relacionadocom o humor, sono, apetite, entre outros sistemas importantes do corpo. Existemdiversas técnicas, especialmente ligadas a exercícios capazes de auxiliar noaumento da serotonina, porém, isso também pode ocorrer pela alimentação.Afinal, naturalmente, os alimentos influenciam na nossa saúde, não só corporal,como também mental. Veja a seguir 10 alimentos que aumentam a serotonina:   Leite                                                        Fontes como o leite, acabam sendo realmente benéficas paraquem quer promover o

Words Aptly Spoken British Literature

Allegory The device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning. Alliteration the repetition of sounds, especially initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words Allusion a reference to something literary, mythological, or historical that the author assumes the reader will recognize Blank verse unrhymed poetry that has a regular rhythm and line length, especially iambic pentameter Bob and wheel

AP Spanish Literature

Retruécano Juego de palabras, generalmente intercambiándolas de lugar en la frase. Apostrofe una invocación que el escritor dirige a una determinada persona o a otros seres ya sean animados o inanimados. Antítesis yuxtaposición de dos ideas o palabras de significado contrario Arte mayor verso de más de 8 ; la letra de rima se escribe en mayúscula Arquetipo Modelo original o símbolo universal, que sirve para ejemplificar toda su categoría

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