Defense of Poetry Quiz

Frankenstein metaphor of Percy Shelley Monster metaphor of poems Poem time capsule of info, outlives poet Two Aspects of Mind Reason and imagination Wind Harp Metaphor mind= harp; wind= experience, source of inspiration, life; sound= poetry Fading Coal Metaphor coal=mind, imagination; fire= nurturing; light/heat=poetry Child’s Spontaneous Song openness, naivety, attitude of poet is like the child poetry is highest form of art because it is closest to thought Poets unacknowledged

Rhetorical Poetry Terms

Allegory A story poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning Allusion Expression to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly an indirect reference ex. Hey guess who the new newton if our school is? Anaphora My life is my purpose my life is my goal my life is my inspiration Antithesis Literal meaning opposite two opposite ideas are put together in a sentence to

Language Arts Poetry Crossword

Alliteration The repetion of begining consonant sounds (map-moon or know-nap) Allusion A reference to a work of literature or to an actual event person Or place witch the author expects the audience to recognize Apostrophe Figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is a addressed as if it were alive and present and could reply Caesura A break or pause in the middle of a

What Christians believe about their responsibility for other people

Christians believe that they are responsible for what happens to others in this day, if someone is hurt they know it is their duty to help them. That is true Christianity. They looked up to Jesus and saw what he did. He was, and still is a role model to Christians today. He encourages us to help those in need. Jesus was an inspiration to all but he also was

The origin of the world

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The origin of the world This painting is by Guastave Courbet who created it in 1866. The painting has a close up view of a woman lying on a bed. The painting specifically exposes her abdomen and the legs are spread. According to the painting, this is a Caucasian woman. Her breasts are developed and she has pubic hair. This, along with her body size indicates

Setting reach in the career path. Finding the

 Setting up a goal is considered to be an important andinevitable step in an effective career search. In my opinion an individual without a predetermined goal will be never successful, because he himself doesn’tknow where he has to take his career. For a successful job search, he or sheshould find out what is their goals or where they want to reach in the careerpath. Finding the goals set the guidelines

Watches on Amazon store. AM:PM Watches is a

Watches are no more a necessary accessory that people need to be on time, wherever they go or whatever they do. Mobile phones gracefully substituted watches as a time information provider, and watches are now seen more as a fashion accessory or luxury to the wearer.  While AM:PM’s endearing collections of rare watches are what craved by every youngster, Time Machine Plus, an established watch seller is offering Star Wars

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