William Wordsworth

What is one main characteristic of lyric poetry? It expresses deep thoughts and feelings. A sonnet is a type of poem with _______. Fourteen lines In “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey,” what has happened during the speaker’s absence from the place above Tintern Abbey? He has been filled with good memories of the place. The steep rise in gas prices angered the population. Sudden To _____ did

‘Carrie’s war’

Source G is an extract from Nina Bowden’s novel ‘Carrie’s war’. This is a story of a young girl who gets evacuated to Wales during ww2. This book includes parts taken from Nina’s own experiences but, Nina Bowden stresses the fact that it is not a biographical novel.As the source is an extract from a novel it is not very reliable. To sell copies of novels writers exaggerate to make

In she has accepted the pain and knows

In “The PairingKnife” by Michael Oppenheimer, employs that the pairing knife under therefrigerator is a symbol of the pair’s relationship. The pairing knife helpsdisguise a night that the author and “the women he loves”, is tryingto block out of their memory. The pair had an argument that caused the knife tofind hostage under the fridge where it will lay for many years to come. Theyboth think by simply forgetting the

First how it will now mean nothing, and

First 10 sections (after 30 pages):   A man goes in the woods to a very dark world around him. He moved a tarp and old blankets. He checks on his son, that is sleeping, and he thinks about the dream he had last night. In his dream he held a child’s hand, going into a cave. In the cave there is a lake. Across the lake there was a naked

Tonight other stories come after each repetition. The

Tonight I Can WriteWhat lines can you write after losing someone you love to depth? In the poem “Tonight I Can Write” written by Pablo Neruda, the speaker focuses on an overwhelming melancholy due to his lost love with an unnamed woman. Throughout this poem, Neruda communicates his sorrows by reflecting his relationship with the girl. Neruda uses repetition and emotional appeals to express a love once had and emphasis

World Literature 2 Test 1

Enlightenment (a) The notion of a permanent, divinely ordained natural order offers a good deal of comfort to those aware of flaws in actual social arrangements. Enlightenment (b) The powers of the mind were emphasized as people “turned to the Roman past for models.” Enlightenment (c) Deism encouraged the logicality of the universe and the separation of ethics from religion. Enlightenment (d) The classical past provided an emblem of stability.

Winston seem to truly recollect why he was

Winston ran down stairs with a lack of interest after his confrontation with O’Brian. On serval occasions the daunting room brought, a sense of fondness; apathetic, empty fondness, for Big Brother in his mind. Winston didn’t really remember what happened, most things were fuzzy for him. He vaguely could remember anything that happened in that room. Shortly after Winston began to recall a dream; no, a vision of him meeting

Whether a reach, discussing his moral awakening through

WhetherRubashov calling a hero is might be a reach, discussing his moral awakeningthrough the Three Hearings is a true insight of his character.   This might be a good indicator where theChrist-like claim can be substantiated. Throughout the novel, readers are in Rubashov’s mind, which is importantto determine whether he is guilty or innocent of the crimes that he is accusedof.  Rubashov may not even be a reliablenarrator because throughout the

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