Seven Easy Principles to Becoming a Master Designer

Master Designer, it teaches us how to make our designs look great. The use of fonts is important for our audience to be interested in visual appeal. Using two fonts per design accomplishes a consistent work flow. The main font is to represent character and personality; while the secondary font is there to be legible to read. While designing, you want to limit the use of colors in your design.


Misunderstandings happen often in both personal lives as well as in the workplace. It can be difficult to communicate and get through the misunderstandings but it can be done with patience and a calm approach. The first misunderstanding I experienced was when I work for an aircraft repair station. There were two employees that were working together. Employee “A” was a fifty year old Korean man with a thick accent

Implicit Association Test

I performed the light skinned versus dark skinned test on IAT. The results from my test showed that I favor dark skinned versus light skinned people. I do think the test produced valid results. I have a sister that is a darker skinned African American. I watched people treat her different than myself growing up. I have always made a conscious effect to make sure I block those negative prejudices.

The Power of YOU!

Personality The unique characteristics that make you different from everyone else. Attitude Your thoughts and judgements about the world around you. Peers People your own age. Peer Pressure Influence by people your own age which can be either positive or negative

What is learning?

I chose the behaviorist perspective. According to our text, the behaviorist perspective “focuses on the effect of the environment on behavior. ” (Ciccarelli & White, 2011) The basis of the behaviorist is that personality is a learned response to environmental stimuli. There is the social cognitive view, which believes that we learn from models and our memory and anticipation plays a role in our personality also. Our text points out

Honourable prince

Falstaff is presented as being an optimistic jolly character and his red face is a stereotypical image of a person who would be described as being sanguine. Although Hal lives a very unorthodox life for an heir apparent, he still appeals to the audience because of the fact that he appears witty. We see this when we first meet Hal as he jokingly replies to Falstaff’s offensive remark by saying:

The formation and presentation of media

This analysis aims to explore the usage and choice of language, the formation and presentation of media, and the target audiences of two newspapers, regarding their approach to the war in Iraq. Comparisons are to be drawn, in this case between two articles from The Guardian and The Daily Mail, not so much in the views taken but in how the news is delivered, and how these conform to our

ENG 231 Poetry Glossary Terms

alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds or of the same consonant. anapest unit of measurement with three syllables: first two unstressed, and the last one stressed. apostrophe Address to an absent figure or thing as if it were present or could listen. assonance Repetition in words of proximity of identical vowel sounds preceded and followed by different consonant sounds. blank verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter. consonance Repetition of similar sounds,

Fahrenheit self. Montag regularly “feels” his most progressive considerations

Fahrenheit 451 Essay One of many things that is important in this book fahrenheit 451 is symbols. There was very many symbols in fahrenheit 451. The ones that i will be talking about in this essay will be Blood. Blood in the book fahrenheit 451 meant a lot it had many meanings and definitions in fahrenheit 451.Blood shows up all through the novel as an image of someones quelled soul

Types of Poetry and definitions

ABC Poem The first word of each line is in alphabetical order. Acrostic Poem The first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word Autobiographical Poem A poem about yourself. It has your personality traits and ambitions for your life. Ballad Poem A poem that tells a story similar to a folk tale or legend-often has a repeated refrain Cinquin Poetry -5 lines-line one has one word

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