Lord laws and rules. People would not last

            Lord of the Flies is a novel by William Golding published in 1954. The story is about a plane that crashes on an island stranding a group of British schoolboys with no adults. Ralph is elected leader for having a conch and has an intellectual friend named Piggy that helps him make logical decisions. On the other hand, Jack, the leader of the choir,

Poems – Anne Hathaway

Referring to the section “The bed…” to “..these lips” show how the pet conveys a sense of joy and happiness. “a spinning world” – suggests speed and exhilaration”castles” – suggest they had a fairy-tale romance and there was a sense of security”dive for pearls” – suggests their love was exotic and romantic”kisses on these lips” – suggests they were sensual and tactile In lines 5- 10 there are many references

How the story of Jesus’ Baptism in Mark’s Gospel helps Christians to understand why baptism is important in the Church today

Christians today are followers of Jesus Christ and try to follow Him and His teachings as best they can. As followers we sometimes literally follow his example. Obvious examples of Christians today following Jesus are when we get baptised and when we celebrate the Eucharist. Today these two practices are referred to as Dominical Sacraments because they can be traced back to Jesus. In Mark’s Gospel, we are told that

A Disciple is a ‘follower’ or a ‘pupil’, in this case of Jesus

The first thing we notice about the apostles is that they were no-one special, just ordinary people with ordinary jobs. Immediately, as soon as they were called they did not hesitate to follow Jesus although they did not have a clue who he was. They gave up everything including their home and families and were to live with very strict rules. They could take nothing with them but a stick;

What Different religous views are there on Animal Hunting

Hunting has always been the main source of food for most cultures. Man has always been a hunter. But many hunters nowadays don’t just kill for food – they kill for profit. That’s why so many rare and protected animals are being wiped out. Hunters like these are called poachers. In 1981 there were 15,000 black rhinos in Africa. Today, because of illegal hunting for ivory that number is 4,500.

The Sacrifice

During the Iron Age, in the village of Tollund Fen there was a young man named Ben. Ben had been treated like a God since his conception. The reason for this was a prophecy foretold by the wise elders; the prophecy foretold that when Ben reached the age of eighteen years, he was destined to be called upon by the Gods, in which case he would fly to the heavens


The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pilgrimage as being ‘a journey to a sacred place for religious reasons. ‘ Many Roman Catholic Christians feel that going on a pilgrimage makes them feel more aware of God. They have time to deepen their understanding of God by experiencing the places connected with the life of his son, Jesus Christ and time to talk to Him about the things they are concerned

Wealth & Poverty

Wealth and poverty is a very important topic in Islam. It could be the difference, for many people, between going to heaven and going to hell in the next life (Akhirah). It affects everyone in the world as money has become an essential part of surviving. Wealthy people tend to get connected with being ‘powerful’ whereas the poorer people get associated with being ‘weak’. This is a link many people

Whose Life Is it

I believe a journey indicates travel that offers opportunities for learning about: new things you haven’t seen or experienced before, different cultural experiences and new perspectives and ideas.A journey can be physical, imaginative and an inner journey which involves experiences, exploration and learning about yourself. Dag Hammerski once wrote about an inner journey by saying “The longest journey of any person is the journey inward”. Here I will discuss the


HUM/130 Name: Course: Institution: Tutor: Date: HUM/130 Muhammad was born in the year 570, in the city of Mecca, in Southern Arabia. At the age of six, his parents died. He grew up in an Islamic surrounding where he was illiterate. By the time, he was twenty-five years old, he had married a wealthy widow and therefore his financial position improved ever since. As Muhammad was approaching forty years old,

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