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Last updated: August 22, 2019

Like most engineers, Ihave always been curious about the functioning mechanisms behind the manyobjects we use in our daily lives. At school, Physics and Math’s have alwaysbeen the subjects that I find most intriguing and in which I score better thanother subjects such as biology and chemistry.

This has strongly pushed metowards pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. Engineering has been in my families DNA for many years, and know Iunderstand why it has grasped my attention and interests. In my middle school ages,during a camping trip, my team were required to build many contraptions thatwould help us survive in the wilderness. It was a very enjoyable andinteresting experience as it would require many skills such as problem solving,team work and time development skills. The task gave me a useful insight intothe types of problems that engineers would face and use their knowledge andskills to overcome them. My aim for this course is to dig deeper into thesubject and help secure a career path for me whilst enjoying what I love.During the academic year, Ihave been appointed as a teacher’s assistant in subjects like Math andInformation and Communication Technology, peer-tutoring chapters to youngerstudents in less advanced courses, correcting and assessing their test papers.

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 Plus, I am aware that a first-class engineerneeds to have excellent teamwork spirit, great leadership and able to workunder pressure. In fact, the skill to work in groups will be the base forsuccess in university. I am confident that I can always collaborate with others.I believe that strong links between engineers andcompanies is essential to increase the development of fascinating and usefulmachinery.

Studying Information Technology has helped me understand how and whymechanical engineering is used in our everyday lives and how much itcontributes in other majors such as computer sciences and many types ofengineering. AS and A2 Physics have taught me how things behave, and howphysical properties can be used in solving both practical and theoreticalproblems, and in my A2 syllabus we have studied how physics is used in medicineand technology. My favorite part is the practical tasks that are required to becompleted, as I enjoy using many laboratory equipment to find a conclusion tothe task. Mathematics gives me the opportunity to apply taught concepts to manysituations.

Apart from my school work, Ihave taken part in many community service events such as charity organizationsand hospital service events that showed me the many tools used in medicine thatrequire engineering knowledge and I have taught other people how simple theywere to use and become used to. These events have also taught me ways tocommunicate and understand people’s needs as it is essential for manyengineering jobs, where it is required to understand the client or customer andbe able assist them the best way possible. During my spare time Ienjoy playing football at my school where I was and currently the team captain4 years in a row. My position enables me to give orders and to be tacticallydecisive.

This has definitely made me more responsible because I know my actionshave a direct consequence on the mind set and morale of my team. I even enjoytravelling as I have visited many places throughout my childhood from manycountries in Africa and Asia and hopefully the UK and Europe, and visitingthese places have showed me the advancement of engineering in different regionsof the world.My results so far inmy IGCSE exams and A-Level studies have built my self-esteem, supplied me witha wide set of practical skills, broadened my horizons in many differentsubjects and provided me with the motivation to study Engineering.

I believe thatI have all the skills and the mentality to help me throughout and after thisengineering course and I hope that a degree from your university will be theultimate foundation for my journey to becoming a superior engineer.

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