Lilly a 29 year old Canadian YouTuber, comedian,

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Last updated: April 21, 2019

Lilly Singh – knows as ||Superwoman|| – is a 29 yearold Canadian YouTuber, comedian, actress, and author with an Indian ancestry,now living in Los Angeles. Coming from Toronto – a place in Canada where amajority of the Indian population lives – her Indian values were alwaysinstilled into her – even in the smallest of things – ever since she was a kid.This is seen even today in her content on YouTube. In the span of a decade, Lilly Singh went from beinga girl no one knew dealing with depression and wanting to end her life, to nowbecoming a role to manyIn December of 2015, Lilly launched a campaigncalled #GirlLove. #GirlLove is a campaign to stop girl-on-girl hate which hasbeen happening since a while now but isn’t spoken about that much.

 #GirlLoveis about building each other up, leaving behind the negativity, and achievingamazing things together As a part of the campaign, a pin, and a Rafiki – whichis a piece of jewellery – is sold, and the money goes towards educating girlsin Kenya. With an education, girls have a place to share strength, ideas andsupport. It’s the ultimate kind of #GirlLove. As someone in the limelight, Lilly Singh is someonewith a lot of power. This power can be used by her in any way she pleases.However, she uses it to make a change in the lives of millions of peopleworldwide, every day. She has a social media presence not enjoyed by everyone.

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She uses this to her advantage, to help the people who cannot speak up forthemselves. In doing so, she gives a voice to the otherwise not noticed – theinvisible.With all that Lilly is doing in order to make adifference in the life of other people, she has also made a difference in mylife. Her book How To Be A Bawse is what I have chosen as my symbol of Power. InMarch 2017, she released her debut book HOW TO BE A BAWSE: A Guide to SurvivingConquering Life, which became a #1 New York Times Best Seller.

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