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Linjuan Rita Men (2010) Measuringthe Impact of Leadership Style and Employee Empowerment on PerceivedOrganizational Reputation. Instituteof public relations The current study examines theimpact of organizational leadership on public relations effectiveness from aninternal perspective. Specifically, it builds links between leadership style,employee empowerment, and employees’ perception of organizational reputation.The results showed that transformational leadership positively influencesemployees’ perception of organizational reputation, not only directly but alsoindirectly, through empowering employees. Transactional leadership representedby contingent reward behavior has a significant negative direct effect onemployees’ perception of organizational reputation.

Transformational leaders are more likely to delegate powerto employees and involve them in decision making than transactional leaders.Employees who feel more empowered in terms of competence and control tend tohave a more favorable evaluation of organizational reputation. Significant theoretical and practical implications of thefindings are discussed Weiping Jiang ,Xianbo Zhao, Jiongbin Ni (2017)The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Sustainable Performance:The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship BehaviorTransformational leadership has drawnextensive attention in management research. In this field, the influence oftransformational leadership on employee performance is an important branch.Recent research indicates that organizational citizenship behavior plays amediating role between transformational leadership and employee performance.However, some of these findings contradict each other.

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Given the backgroundwhere greater attention is being paid to transformational leadership in theconstruction industry, this research aims to find the degree of the influenceof transformational leadership on employee sustainable performance, as well asthe mediating role of organizational citizenship behavior. A total of 389questionnaires were collected from contractors and analyzed via structuralequation modeling. The findings reveal that employee sustainable performance ispositively influenced by transformational leadership. In addition, more thanhalf of that influence is mediated by their organizational citizenshipbehavior.

These findings remind project managers of the need to pay closeattention to transformational leadership, to cultivate organizationalcitizenship behavior, and thereby to eventually improve employee’s sustainableperformance.Ali M. Alghazo , Meshal Al-Anzi (2016)The Impact of Leadership Style on Employee’s Motivation. International Journal of Economics and Business Administration This mixed methods study aimedto examine the relationship between the adopted leadership style and employeesmotivation in a private petrochemical company that is located in the easternprovince of Saudi Arabia.

A survey was developed and distributed to 30employees in two departments. Furthermore, interviews were conducted with afocus group of 10 employees to validate the results of the survey. The studyfound that there is a strong relationship between leadership style and employeemotivation where the correlation was positive with transformational style andnegative with transactional style. The purpose of this research was to examine the perceptionof private petrochemical company employees about the leadership styles and itseffect on employee motivation. A combination of qualitative and quantitativemethods was used in this study. Results from data collected indicate thatleaders who adapt participative and transformational leadership are more likelyto create an atmosphere of motivation among their employees. In general,transformational leadership might be of more preference for the employees ofthis study than transactional.

The implication of this study is that managerswho want to be more effective might need to be more inspirational, supportive,resourceful, and work to develop their subordinate’s capabilities. Furtherresearch is required to the study findings with the similar firms in theregion.

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