LINKS: that only interested users follow that link.


Links are
used to connect one webpage with another. The next linked page is usually
related to previous page is some way.

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Syntax to
create links in html:



are the links that brings a user from a webpage to a website. That website
usually contains additional information about the content where the link is
mentioned. Backlinks are created for the purpose of Off-Page SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
which is a very helpful technique to rank a website.

are helpful only if we use them in a right way. Backlinks should not be only used
for promotional purposes rather it should be beneficial for both visitor as
well as website owner. If a website has large amount of backlinks, chances of a
website to be at good rank are high.

To make your
website reputed, your backlinks should be present at high authority websites.

A linked
text should describe about what would be present at that link. So that only interested
users follow that link. If you mention a link that has no meaning with the
present content then that website can be marked spam by a search engine algorithm.
A website might get some traffic by having irrelevant links but that traffic
will not be beneficial for both owner and visitor, so it’s better to have a
backlink that contains relevant and additional information for the user.


backlinkgs is beneficial for a person who has submitted his webpages to search
engine as well as for a person who has not submitted his webages.

If a website
gets visitors only by searching on web, then that website will lack the useful audience.
When a search engine crawler crawls different websites and it sees the
backlinks of your website on a webpage it and submits the information about it
to search engine, The search engine algorithm checks the validity of your link
and if that link is not a spam, your website will be ranked to higher level.
That’s how backlinks work. Even if you have not submitted your webpages to
search engine but you still want your website to be found on search engine at
good place, backlinks are very helpful in this case.


will be helpful only if they are used at right place. Suppose you have large
number of backlinks on different webpages but a visitor finds no relevance in
your website after visiting it. It will bring traffic on your page but that
will be of no use if that user doesn’t find something useful and leaves the
website immediately rather it will lower down the reputation of your website.
So you should know how to properly use the backinks.

Your links
should be present only at that webpage or blog which has which has content
similar to your website. Firstly find the website or blog of your type and ask
the owner to place your links on their page. If the owner finds your
information relevant and unique then he can place your links on their website.
That kind of backlinking will give best results.

            Avoid using URL of your website,
instead use text links that directs to your website as it will not break the
flow of the reader while reading the content on a webpage. If your backlink is
placed at good quality page then your page is likely to be followed by a user.

Having our
link on a high authority website is far better than having link at low authority
website as if our website link is at high authority website. It means that our website
has quality content which will attract many users. But not only high authority
website, a website where our links stored should be similar to our website so a
user who has visited that website finds the relevance in our website too.

            Text link should provide additional
information about the article where this link has been placed. The links of
your websites that are backlinked should be beneficial for you and others too. Avoid
overuse of anchor text in a page. Place the link only where it is required.


management programs tracks the incoming links to your websites and also tells
what type of websites those links are coming from. Hence it helps us to manage
our baclinking process.

What does
Link management software do?

It tells:

1. From
which domains the links are coming to your site

2. What type
of websites those links are coming from

3. Backlinks
of competitor pages

4. Quality
of a website


Linking Management

1. Linkdex

2. MOZ

3. Raven

4. Advanced
Link Manager

5. Magestic

6. Google

            You have to find the right place
where your links can be stored .By indexing tools you can check the competitor
website’s backlinks and by that we can check what are those websites linking



means creating an infographic and putting it into a guest post. This technique
is useful in having the visitors who actually are interested in knowing about
the content of your website. Inforgraphics are very useful in grabbing the
attention of users as images are more attractive than simple text. So first we
need to create a nice infographic and then you need to find a website whose
content type is similar to your infographic and then you need to approach

them by
requesting to mention the your infographic link on their page. Once request is
accepted, you should create a short unique description that can make your
content on your link interesting so that maximum number of users clicks that

 Broken-link Building

Broken links
are the links that leads to a 404 page. These links are dead links. The one who
owns a website might not be aware about broken links. We can find those links
and inform the owner. In return we ask the owner to place a link on their page that
lands on our website or you can ask him to replace that broken link with your link
as you are informing only those links that can be replaced with the content of your


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