Literary Analysis

Lit analysis0601 In multi-paragraph essay form and with reference to the excerpt from “Lives of Girls and Women,”discuss the character of Garnet, his mother, and his sisters (Lila and Phyllis). Alice Munro’s excerpt from “Lives of Girls and Women” vividly depicted the character of Garnet, the boyfriend of the speaker, his mother, and his sisters (Lila and Phyllis). From the depiction of the characters, we can realize what a happy and harmonious family Garnet has. Though their characters differ from each other, they are all warm-hearted people.Because of all the friendly members of the family, the narrator of the story feels “happy in that house” (Paragraph 22). Garnet, the boyfriend of the speaker, is a boy who is witty, flirtatious, and impulsive.

He had gone out with a number of girls but his relationships all ended in failure. He had “a list of girls’ names, each one with an X after it” (Paragraph 15). However, he carved the speaker’s name at the end of the list and said that “I think I’ve come to the end”(Paragraph 21).Then he kissed the speaker and tickled the speaker and played with her (Paragraph 22). From this we can conclude that Garnet is a boy who is good at making girls happy. Garnet’s mother is talkative, assertive and has “strong values”. At first, the speaker saw that she was “a short, round, angry-looking woman wearing running shoes without laces” (Line 7).

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“She herself sat down on the top step, and began yelling instructions and reproofs at everybody” (Paragraph 7). This left an impression on the readers’ mind that she was not a nice woman.However, as the speaker furthered her interaction with her more and more, she found Garnet’s mother was quite nice. When the speaker offered to help her with the kitchen, she said, “‘you’ll spoil your dress ’, but gave in and let me slice radishes” (Paragraph 20). In addition, when Garnet joked that he could have been rich if he married a rich girl that he used to go out with, she disapproved and said “If that’s any way to get rich! ” (Paragraph 16), and this clearly demonstrates she is a woman who has standards.

Garnet’s sisters, Lila and Phyllis are energetic, eager to help, mischievous and immature. They were hospitable as they volunteered to show the speaker around the house, but they also showed their childish side as “They [Lila and Phyllis] skipped through the stable making up a song: This old barn is falling down, falling down–” (Paragraph 10) Like all girls at their age, as Garnet was kissing the speaker, they were so excited that they were shouting “He’s kissing her on the mouth, look at Garnet, kissing her on the mouth! (Paragraph 20) and they “crowded up close” (Paragraph 20). Then they engaged in a tickling fight with Garnet, sided with the narrator. All these events could show that Lila and Phyllis were innocent, lovely, and vivacious characters. The narrator felt very happy because Garnet’s family consists of such kind and adorable characters as his mother, or sisters.

Certainly, Garnet himself is also excellent. He surely have given the narrator a good time.

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