Literary Terms (Mrs. Etheart’s class pd5) By Itzel Mendoza

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Alliteration- The repetition of similar sounds, usually consonants or consonants clusters, in a group of words.
Example- 1. Peter Piper picked a pecked of picked peppers2.

Crawl like a creepy crawly Caterpillar 3.Jerry Jingle-bells jumps jeeps in Jersey(

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Allusion- A reference to another piece of literature that the writer assumes the reader has read.
Example- 1.” He’s a real Romeo with the ladies.”2.

To READ or NOT to read; that is the question.(Comes from Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be”) (

Antagonist- The character or force that works against the protagonist.(The bad guy)
Example. 1. The joker in Bat Man2.


Aside- Words spoken by a character in a play,usually in an undertone, not intended to be heard by other character on stage.
Example- 1. (


Atmosphere(Mood-The overall feeling created by the piece:sadness,gloom,joy,etc.
Example- 1. In this photo the boy is lazy ( and Juliet- Sadness, gloom

Characterization- The process of creating by the direct description, or by describing what character says,what a character thinks, what other characters think about the character, or how the character acts in a revealing situation.

Example- 1.(

Climax- 1.

The point at which the conflict in the narrative begins to be resolved. 2.The point of the highest intensity, interest or suspense in the story

Example- 1. In Finding Nemo” the climax was when Dorey and Marlin went looking for Nemo.2. When Rainsford jumps off the cliff in The Most Dangerous Game

Epic- A long narrative poem recounting actions,travels,adventures,and heroic episodes and written in a high style (with ennobled diction,for example).

It may be written in hexameter verse,especially dactylic hexameter, and it may have twelve books or twenty four books. Characteristics of the classical epic include these:1. The main characters or protagonist is heroically larger than life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero.

Example-1. The Odyssey2.War and Peace3. History of the World

Figurative Language- Language that cannot be interrupts literally; simile, metaphors, etc.

Example= 1. Pretty as a picture 2.You are a gem3. Time is a thief4. Life is a journey (http://usercontent2.

Flashback- A scene in a story,play,etc.

that interrupts the action to show an event that occurred at an earlier time.



Foreshadowing- A hint or clue to the reader suggesting what is to come.
Examples- 1.(http://mrbarringer.

Hyperbole- Exaggeration used for emphasis. Hyperbole can be used to heighten effect, to catalyze recognition, or to create a humorous perception.
Example-1.My backpack weighs a ton2.

Cry me river3.I waited in line for centuries (http://usercontent1.hubimg.


Irony- A contrast between what really is and what seems to be. In a situational irony the contrast is in an occurrence which is contrary to what is expected. In dramatic irony a situation occurs in which facts are unknown to a character on a stage though they are known to other characters or to the audience.
Examples -1.

Fireman afraid of fire2. Dentist with crooked teeth and cavities (

Metaphor- A direct comparison between tow essentially unlike things without the use of like or as. An extended metaphor is one developed through an entire piece of writing.
Examples-1.You are a gem2.

Time is a thief3. Life is a journey (

Monologue- A long uninterrupted speech that is spoken in the presence of other characters. (A soliloquy is when the character is alone on stage)
Examples-1. (http://static.tvtropes.


Onomatopoeia- The use of words which in their pronunciation suggest their meaning. “Hiss,” for example, when spoken is intended resemble the sound of steam or of a snake.
Example1. Ouch2.Thump3. Thud 4.


Oxymoron-Words or phrases that contradict one another. (Jumbo Shrimp)
Examples- 1. Sound of silence2.

Sweet sorrow3. Comfortable misery

Personification- Speaking of something non-human as if it were human. Giving objects or ideas human qualities.
Examples- 1.

The sun is smiling on us today2. The rain is dancing on the roof(

Plot- The sequence of events in a story

A man was born,he lived, and he died .The End!(–beginning-middle-end.


Point of view – The relation between the narrator and the characters in a piece of literature. If a character is the narrator, it is sad to be written from the first person point of view. If the narrator is not a character in the story, the story is written from third person or the omniscient point of view.

Example-1. I can only tell a story as I saw it.I’m sylvester the cat, and I know who ate the canary.2.

I only played one sport.3. Sarah only likes cats.

Conflict-A struggle between two opposing forces. This struggle may be external or internal.
Example-1. Internal- Should I cheat or not? Should I tell or not?2. External- Hurricanes Vs Palm Beach County

Protagonist- The main character and/ or the “good guy.”

Odysseus2. Walter Mitty3.Huckleberry Finn4.Joan of Arc

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