Literature and go deeper in ‘Political Communication ‘.

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Last updated: September 24, 2019

LiteratureReview MakingSense of Media and Politics: Five principles in politicalcommunication.GadiWolfsfeld.Thisbook is quite informative and it provides the basic ideas to understand the teameffort of politics and media to make a strategy.

The author has a phenomenalwriting style, which makes you feel like you are in a conversation with asensible person, who holds a good knowledge of political process and all behindthe scenes. It contains valuable content and information, the content ispresented in such a way like media bombards us daily. Being a communication student,I can say that this book is an ideal symmetry academic exactness and easy toread.

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From academic view, it is combined with light words which will pullinterest of students and go deeper in ‘Political Communication ‘. This bookbasically throws light on the relationship of media a politics, plus it havethe role of media in peace making at Israel and Ireland.    Online Political CommunicationGianluca Giansante Thebook focuses on how internet can be used to make a political campaign. Authorhas explained the tools of online communication and using the most effectivetool for different situations which includes the preparation of campaign using websites,Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a political candidate plus how to face thecrisis to maintain image and boost the reach of candidate during elections.Gianluca also explains the strategy planning during the elections and alsoelaborated about monitor the campaign.

Author also raised an important issueabout the active listening and responding to the general public to identify theweak points and potholes in the ongoing campaign. The book also briefs aboutthe advantages and disadvantages of using different social media platforms andtools like SEO and Web Analysis are further explained. In the end author talksabout the content quality to be posted on social media and how the buzz overinternet can be created to make the participation of general public in thecampaign.  The Dynamics of PoliticalCommunication  Richard Perloff RichardPerloff dig into the issues in the current scenario of political communicationand explains the political communication theories.

He elaborated the conceptsof agenda building, setting and framing. He also talks about the communicationcomplexities and some examples to support his statements. Author states aboutthe use technology in campaigns and in addition he covered the challenges currentlyfaced by the people in the field. The book is written in easy language which isbenefit for undergraduate students, he took examples of American politics androle of media.

At the end, author blended the drama and chaos in politics now adays. An Introduction to Political PublicRelations Brain McNairBrainMcNair is a known professor of Journalism and Mass Communication in Queensland University,Brisbane, Australia. The book consists of:1.      Typesof communication used by the politicians and political organisation to achievetheir desired goals in the elections.2.      Howmedia inform general public about the activities of these political people byusing different media tools.3.      Howpolitical organisation communicate to non-political people.

 But apart being so informative, this bookslacks somewhere in Intrapersonal communication, communication of answerablebodies and authorities.   PoliticalPublic Relations     SpiroKiousisInthe following research paper, the researcher talks about governmental communication.How the local government and bodies can communicate with general public usingsocial media and other tools. He also talks about the advantages of directcommunication model between political actors and public to increase interest, respectand commitment. He also talks about difference between the political publicrelations approach and the other corporates use public relations to growbusiness. The researcher also defined the political public relations by thehelp of different theories and articles.

    Developmentof Political Public Relations in Indonesia  RendroSoehoed TheResearcher started the paper with the analysis of number of consultancy and PRagency are increasing in Indonesia. He also further talks about the How PR haschanged the game in Presidential elections followed by the propaganda used byPR agencies like Spin, Lies and brainwashing. He also presented the data ofpeople who graduated from state and private colleges studying communication andjournalism in last years. He concluded with stats of election held in 1996 andthe tactics and tools used by the PR agency behind the political organisations                          

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