Literature and the Journey of Life

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Last updated: April 26, 2019

Journey can change ones perspective of life either in a negative or positive way. Life is a journey and usually the ultimate goal of a journey is happiness. In life more or less everything we do is for happiness. To start a journey a clear destination is needed, so that we follow and get to the right destination. Once you’re clear about the destination often preparation would follow. The opportunity exists to organise the planning of the journey, however, many are oblivious to the consequences of not planning and continuing regardless.

A journey can occur in different forms including inner, physical and imaginative. One journey can consist of a combination of all three. Through close study of Geoff Narkle and David Milroy’s “King Hit” as well as Margret Atwood’s “Journey to the interior” and Robert Frosts “The Road Not Taken”, we see contrasts between all three which then allows us to relate to each text and interpret our own meaning of how the journey of life can change ones prospective either negatively or positively.

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Geoffrey Narkle and David Milroy’s “King Hit” explores many concepts of how journey can change once perspective either in a negative or positive way. One scene which connects and brings a greater understanding of the idea is when Geoff is reflecting on being taken to the mission. He expresses that he is uncertain of the outcome. He is emotionally distraught from the experience through the scene. We are shown a “white fellas Cadillac” a “Dirt Road” and a big “White Crucifix”.

These images allow us to imply symbolism which gives the scene context and allows the reader to image and relate. The car symbolises freedom for the driver and the passenger. The power to decide where the destination will be comes down to the driver, meaning the passenger has no choice and is subjected to the will of the driver, we relate this when Geoffrey is sitting in the car being taken to the mission and he s..


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