Literature intersections of robotics and its component technology

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Last updated: September 3, 2019

Literature Review:Aswe all know that world is becoming more advance with the passage of everysingle second. Robotics, education and sustainable development’ by M.

BernardineDias, G. Ayorkor Mills-Tettey and Thrishantha Nanayakkara and the second one is’Technological un employment” by Michael Peters, from these two articles we areable to explore technological issues in robotics and machines. In 1stpaper M. Bernardine Dias give information about robotic and machines and thesecond article discuss about the technological unemployment using robotics. Firstconference paper is about innovation and development of robot technology fordeveloping countries with the case studies of three different regions (srilanka, Ghana and America).

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By gaining knowledge about robotics and othertechnological field can benefits the undeveloped countries and help them tofulfil their goals. For example, Moratuwa has developed a novel detector basedon very low frequency which is not expansive compared to market. Secondarticle written by Michael Peters is about Technological unemployment. In thisarticle Michael show the dark side of advanced technology of robotic becausenew technology is removing jobs for human beings.

For example, computer replacehuman for calculation and for multitasking because computer is more fast andreliable then human being, so companies need less labour for work. Meanwhile,this paper also talked about fourth revolution which has the power oftransformation of the entire production, management and government system.Writer also suggest fixing this problem through post-industrial education of MassiveOpen Online Courses (MOOCs) and virtual academics.

 M.Bernardine Dias, G. Ayorkor Mills-Tettey and Thrishantha Nanayakkara highlightshow artificial intelligence can develop the communities and the also examinedthat the potential intersections of robotics and its component technology witheducation and sustainable development with appropriate examples. The informationgiven in the paper is easy to understand, paper is well aligned which makereader to understand easily. The paper would be perfect if the writers show thedrawback of the artificial intelligence.

 MichaelPeters article shows the efficiency of subheadings and include thoughts of manydifferent writers which make article hard to understand. Main topic of thisarticle is well defined but don’t have enough examples for arguments. Inconclusion, first Dias paper is well aligned and has higher educationalinitiatives geared toward relevant technology for undeveloped countries whichcan have significant global impact and this conference paper is very useful fortechnical students. Moreover Michael peter’s article is useful for economyclass workers, to alert them about technological unemployment and for students.  

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