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Last updated: May 6, 2019

Literature Reviews
A research study of existing knowledge of a topic, problem, clinical question.

Grounded Theorists
-Before data collection to relate prior findings to the theory under study.-After data collection to avoid influencing researcher’s own ideas about theory to be studied.

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-Before data collection to expand researcher’s understanding of phenomena under study.

-Limited review prior to data collection to literature that led to identification of cultural problem under study.

-Second review during analysis and interpretation to compare findings with previous published work.

Overcoming Principles: Seeking Funding
Thorough lit review mandatory part of proposals for funding and must be included despite researcher’s preference.

Types of Literature Reviews
-Review in research report.-Review in research proposal.

-Review in thesis or dissertation.-Systematic reviews as published journal articles.-Vary in length and depth, but structure is the same.

Purposes of Literature Review
-Identification of a research problem.-Orientation to what is known/not known.-Determination of gaps or inconsistencies in a body of research.-Determination of a need to replicate a study.-Identification of clinical interventions that need to be tested.

-Identification of relevant conceptual frameworks for a research problem.-Identification of suitable designs and data collection methods.-Identification of experts who could be used as consultants on a project.-Assistance in interpreting findings and developing implications.

Information In a Literature Review
-Reports of prior studies.-Primary sources.-Secondary sources.

Non-research Materials in the Lit Review
-Case reports.-Clinical descriptions.-Anecdotes.-Support need for research.-Provide research ideas.-Add flavor and richness to narrative.

-Limited usefulness.

Steps in the Literature Review
1. Identify the research question.2.

Develop and implement a plan for gathering information.3. Analyze and interpret the information.4. Summarize the findings in a written report.

Sources of Information in a Research Lit Review
-Principal reliance: primary sources.-Less reliance: secondary sources.-Peripheral: anecdotal reports, opinion articles, case reports.

High-Quality Lit Review
-Comprehensive, thorough, up-to-date.-Systematic with clear rules bout excluding or including a study.-Reproducible so another researcher will reach similar conclusions after applying the same rules and criteria to a new search on the topic.-Absence of bias.-Insightful.

Primary Research Question
The actual research question.

Secondary Research Question
-Need support, rationale to demonstrate importance of primary question.-Elements of the statement of the problem.

Strategies For Located Relevant Literature
-Bibliographic databases.-Ancestry approach.-Descendancy approach.-Search Grey literature.

Ancestry Approach
Using citation from relevant studies to find earlier published research on the same topic.

Descendancy Approach
Find a pivotal early study then search forward in citation indexes to find recent studies that cited the prior pivotal study.

Search Grey Literature
Papers presented at conferences, unpublished reports, dissertation, government reports.

Subject Search
Search for topics or keywords in the database.

Textword Search
Search for specific words in text fields of the database record.

Author Search
Search for a specific researcher.

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