Literature terms (plot, point of view, characterization)

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Last updated: May 14, 2019
the action that makes up the story

a problem or struggle between two opposing forces

the part of the story, usually near the beginning, that explains the background and setting and introduces the main characters

rising action
central part of the story during which various problems arise

the high point in the action of the stor (usually near the end)

falling action
the action and dialogue following the climax that lead the reader into the story’s end

the final outcome, where problems are usually solved

person or character who tells the story

point of view
the angle from which a story is told

omniscient point of view
the narrator reveals the thoughts of several characters and is not a character

limited omniscient point of view
the narrator reveals the thoughts of only one character and is not a character

first person point of view
one of the characters is telling the story (uses “I”)

second person point of view
narrates by using “you”. Second person is very rarely used.

third person point of view
the narrator refers to characters as “he” or “she”; the narrator is outside the story

the conversations that characters have with one another

a person (or animal with human characteristics) in a literary work

round character
well-developed characters with more than one personality trait

flat character
characters who have only one personality trait

dynamic characters
characters who change during a story

static characters
characters who remain primarily the same throughout a story

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