Literature Test: Robert Frost Facts Part

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Last updated: December 5, 2019
San Francisco, California
Where was Robert Frost born?

New England country side/New England
Where were Frost’s images and language from?

Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate armies during the American Civil War
Who was Frost named after?

11 years old
How old was Frost when his father died of tuberculosis?

Massachusetts because that’s where his father wanted to be buried
Where did Frost’s family move to after his father died?

In high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts
When did Frost began writing poetry?

Elinor White
Who did Frost marry in 1895?

6 children but 2 died young
How many children did they have?

Harvard College
Where did Frost attend college from 1897-1899?

True or False: Frost left Harvard before receiving a degree

He didn’t have enough money to continue
Why did Frost leave Harvard?

Owned a small poultry arm in New Hampshire and Frost taught a small private school nearby
What did Frost and his family do in the early 1900’s?

When Frost continued to write poetry, was he unsuccessful or successful and publishing his work?

To seek better literature opportunities, Frost and his family sold their farm in 1912 and moved to where?

“A Boy’s Will”
What was the name of the first book of poems that was printed by the first English publisher that Frost approached in 1913?

“North of Boston”
What was his second collection that was published in 1914 and won praise?

Amy Lowell and avant-garde writer Ezra Pound
Who were the other American poets that Frost met in England?

Georgian poets
Who associated with Frost’s work?

Robert Graves, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, and Edward Thomas
Who did the Georgian poets include?

When did Frost and his family return to the United States where his poetry became popular?

Farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts
Where else did he live?

Taught literature at various colleges and universities
What did he do when he lived in those places?

Amherst College, University of Michigan, Harvard University, and Dartmouth College
What were the places he taught?

Life in rural New England
What does Frost’s poetry mainly reflect?

How people interact with their environment
Much of his poetry was concerned about what?

Free Verse
What rhyme scheme did Frost hate using?

His country world north of Boston
Where did Frost listen to and record the speech?

New Hampshire (1924)Collected Poems (1931)A Further Range (1937)A Witness Tree (1943)
What were the 4 Pulitzers from the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry?

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