Grade 7 – Poetry – Figures of Speech (Poetic terms) – Review

Alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sound three or more times. (occasionally the consonent is only repeated twice.) Ex: to Sit in Solemn Silence Allusion A brief reference to a presumably famiiliar place, event or figure from history, literature, mythology or the Bible. An allusion is a reference the author expects the reader to know and adds to the reader’s understanding. Ex: His fury matched that of Zeus Hyperbole An

poetry authors and names

the world is too much with us William Wordsworth loveliest of trees A.E. Housman sonnet 29 William Shakespeare a taste of liquor never brewed Emily Dickinson the tyger William Blake the lamb William Blake lord randall anonymous paradelle for susan billy collins cheerios billy collins mending wall Robert Frost lake isle of innesfree william yeets

Famous Examples of Epic Poems

Ancient Middle East The Epic of Gilgamesh Ancient Greece Homer’s The Illiad and The Odyssey Ancient Rome Virgil’s Aeniad Ancient India Valmir’s Ramayana and Vyaser’s Mahabharata Old English Anglo Saxon Beowulf` 11th century French The Song of Roland 14th century Middle English Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

Poetry, an Introduction (7th Edition) Similes and Metaphors Ch. 5

Simile Makes an explicit comparison between two things by using words such as ‘like, as, than, appears, or seems’ “A sip of Miss Cook’s coffee is like a punch in the stomach” is an example of A simile “Miss Cook’s coffee is as strong as the cafeteria coffee” is an example of Literal comparison, no a simile Metaphor Makes comparison between two unlike things, but implicitly, or ambiguously, without obvious

Greek poetry and fables

Epics early stories that told about heroic deeds Homer the first poet to write epics Odyssey long journey with many adventures Aesop made famous fables as a slave Fable short tale that teaches a lesson Iliad Trojan War Odyssey Poem tells the story of Odysseus Greek poems and stories oldest in the western world First great epics the Iliad and the Odyssey Trojan horse hollow wooden horse that the best

Poetry Terms – Figurative Language

Figurative Language words that mean something different than they seem to mean. Simile a comparison between two things that always ueses like or as. Metaphor a direct comparison between two things that dose not use like or as. Personification giving human traits or actions to a non-human thing. Hyperbole an exaggeration to communicate something to the reader. Onomatopoeia words that sound like noises. Alliteration repeating the same consonant sound atbthe

Lesson 7: ENG11

1. Who coined the phrase “The Beat Generation”? Jack Kerouac 2. What was Kerouac’s writing method called? Spontaneous Prose 3. What is the meaning of the root word in photosynthesis ? light 4. Which of the following statements describes an antecedent? the noun that a pronoun refers to or replaces 5. What is the meaning for the root word in photograph ? light 6. Why was Columbia University the perfect

Types of Meters in Poetry

Iambic A foot which starts with an unaccented and ends with an accented (stressed) syllable. It is the most common meter in the English Language and naturally falls into everyday conversation. Trochiaic A foot (opposite of an iambic meter) that begins with an accented then followed by an unaccented syllable. Anapestic A foot which has two unaccented stllables followed by an accented syllable. Dactylic A foot including an accented syllable


Plagiarism Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Plagiarism Plagiarism can be identified as the process of stealing or copying another person’s written work and presenting as original. In the process of writing people paraphrase sentences wrongly and end up plagiarizing their work. Good paraphrasing entails Plagiarized pages The writer in the opening sentence uses the correct citation process by putting the words of Nickerson in quotes followed by the page number,

None 7

None 7 Name: Institution: Course: Lecturer: Date: None 7 Q1. Multisided and Dialogic Argument A dialogic argument is one that gives valid areas in a given topic without focusing solely on the speaker’s point of view. On the other hand, a multi sided argument is one that gives the writer’s point of view although it still summarizes other perceptions of the topic with the aim of trying to persuade any

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