Evie (4.1.71-74). b. Pour in the pig’s blood

Evie Oakes Mrs. HunkeleEnglish II H1/26/17Word Trace: Blood in Act 1. a.  Second Witch: “Cool it with a baboon’s blood. / Then the charm is firm and good.” (4.1. 37-38). b. We will use the baboon’s blood to cool the potion. After that, the charm will be finished. c. First quote; no comparison yet. Shakespeare uses the literary device of allusion and refers to “a baboon” from Edward Topsell, The

Lord Of The Flies – Are People Essentially Good or Bad

Lord Of The Flies – Are People Essentially Good or Bad BY taner16083 In Lord of the Flies, Simon states “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us. ” An effective theme that Golding demonstrates throughout the book is whether people are essentially good or essentially bad. He creates this theme by involving the death of Simon, Ralph’s adrenaline rush to hunting the boar for the first time, and

thesis statement

thesis statement BY peteri 126 Write a thesis statement each as per the Feminist theory of Criticism and the Reader-centered theory of Criticism based on “A Rose for Emily’. Use the author’s name in it. Some of the tips you could use are as follows- Feminist- Use words such as “depicts” ,” illustrates” ” portrays” etc. Determine what it says about women in general. Determine how it portrays the main

Selfishness: Short Story and Lottery Ticket

Selfishness Many people are greatly affected by selfishness every day. It affects people in many different ways because it brings out anger and hatred. The act of selfishness can lead to careless and cruel behaviors. Selfishness is leading to careless and cruel behavior, which is visible in the short story “The Bet”. When the banker thinks of killing the lawyer he says, “He is asleep and most likely dreaming of

Classical Literature Authors

Jane Austen Emily Bronte Lewis Carroll Geoffrey Chaucer Kate Chopin Sir Arthur Conan Doyle William Faulkner F. Scott Fitzgerald Harper Lee James Joyce E.M. Forester

i hate literature

The Cherry Orchard Chekhov – Play in Russia The Death of Ivan Ilych Tolstoy – Story The Metamorphosis Kafka – Story Six Characters in Search of an Author Pirandello – Play within a play Being and Nothingness Sartre – Essay The Guest Camus – Story The Second Coming Yeats – Poem SHORT Things Fall Apart Achebe – Story LONG Kehinde Emcheta – Story Happy Days Beckett – Play

IB English stylistic features

Alliteration Where two or more words begin with the same sound and occur in sequence Allusion A reference to something completely separate from the text in which it appears Ambiguity When a word or phase has a double meaning Analogy Illustrating the subject under discussion by making a parallel comparison Anecdote The recounting of a small incident to illustrate a point, sometimes humorous Bias Promoting one, specific, point of view

1920’s Literature

T.S. Eliot – Books “The Waste Land” and “The Hollow Men” T.S. Eliot – Theme despair, breakdown of the social norm, described emptiness of modern man Ernest Hemingway – Books “Old Man and the Sea” and “Farewell to Arms” Ernest Hemingway – Theme preoccupied with violence, wrote of men alienated from society F. Scott Fitzgerald – Books “This Side of Paradise” and “The Great Gatsby” F. Scott Fitzgerald – Theme

Literature – Jeopardy!

Great Expectations “Large Anticipations” by Charles Dickens (LITERAL LITERARY TITLES) Beloved “Deeply Cared For” by Toni Morrison (LITERAL LITERARY TITLES) A Raisin in the Sun “One Dried Grape Catching Rays” by Lorraine Hansberry (LITERAL LITERARY TITLES) Fahrenheit 451 “Paper-Burning Temperature” by Ray Bradbury (LITERAL LITERARY TITLES) Dune “Hill of Sand” by Frank Herbert (LITERAL LITERARY TITLES)

AP Literature and Composition Book List – ;B;

“The Bear” William Faulkner Beloved Toni Morrison A Bend in the River V. S. Naipaul Benito Cereno Herman Melville Billy Budd Herman Melville The Birthday Party Harold Pinter Black Boy Richard Wright Bleak House Charles Dickens Bless Me, Ultima Rudolph Anaya The Blind Assassin Margaret Atwood The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison Bone: A Novel Fae M. Ng The Bonesetter’s Daughter Amy Tan Brave New World Aldous Huxley Brighton Rock Graham

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