characteristics of American Literature

varried literature generalization stand out give a flavor all its own

Response to Literature Essay Format

Intro. Paragraph Include the title and author in the first sentence. Next, use a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention. Write a thesis statement – Remember the thesis reveals what the entire essay is about and should include the main idea / message of the author. Body Parapraph #1 Supporting paragraph where you will use direct evidence (quotations from the literature) to support your thesis. Give clear examples to

The Neoclassical Period

John Dryden To My Honored friend, Dr. Charleton, Epigrams, Of Satire Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe Joseph Addison and Richard Steele The Tatler, The Spectator Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels Alexander Pope An Essay on Man, An Essay on Criticism Isaac Watts Heavenly Joy on Earth, The Christian Race, Breathing After the Holy Spirit, Against Idleness and Mischief, The Day of Judgment James Thomson Winter John Wesley and Charles Wesley Journal of

Verbal Irony

Verbal Irony an expression or statement where the meaning of the words used is the opposite of their sense. Situational Irony where an action done by a character is the opposite of what was meant to be expected. Dramatic Irony the audience of a play knows something that the main character does not.Dramatic irony is a big bundle of miscommunication, manufactured by a character or circumstance clandestine to another character,

7 elements of literature

Theme central message or insight into life revealed through literary work. A long literary work may have several themes. Plot What happens and why. Setting The time, place of the action Characters The people who are used in the work, such as: protagonist, antagonist. Major characters and minor characters. Theme central Tone the writers attitude toward his or her audience and subject usually revealed through diction, images, and details. Some

genre and sub genre practice

true the same genres can organize literature and film false a book or a movie cannot belong to more then one genre false all stories set in the future are science fiction true gangster films are an example of subgenre

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