Romantic Literature

Poetry – 3rd grade

stanza lines grouped together, like a paragraph in a story line each row of words printed in a poem repetition repeating of a phrase in a poem rhythm the beats or pulses that are repeated in a regular order pattern words or sounds of a poem that form a design like the colors and shapes of a quilt rhyme stuff and enough, plate and great, cheese and please..words that sound

Poetic Elements

onomatopoeia words that make the sound they describe when pronounced snap;crackle;pop;boom;meow;hiss onomatopoeia alliteration words that have similar sounds; repitition of consenant sounds peter piper picked a pack of peppers alliteration imagery words that create a scene/picture in the reader’s mind personification giving human qualities/traits to non-human objects or abstractions rhyme two or more words that sound alike and creats a rythme ryhme scheme a pattern of ryhme in a poem

Poetry: Vocab

Define Situation The context of the poem’s action, what is happening when the poem begins. Define Allusion A reference to a text or myth, outside the poem itself, that carries its own history of meaning. Define Occasional Poem A poem written about or for a specific occasion, public or private event. Define Theme The statement a poem makes about its subject. Define Tone The attitude a poem has towards its

Key Elements of Poetry

Form .. .The way a poem looks on a page. Imagery Words or phrases that appeal to the 5 senses. Figurative Language Words or phrases that present ordinary things in new and unusual ways. Lines Poems are made up of lines Line Length A line may be a few words long or it may be an entire sentence Stanzas A grouping of two or more lines within a poem. Free

Poetry Paraphrase Quiz

paraphrase a restatement in one’s own words without changing the original meaning wrath anger foe enemy stanza paragraph for poems prose ordinary grammar structure

poetry set 1

Traditional Poems Follows fixed rules such as a specified number of lines. Has a regular pattern of rythym and/or rhyme Types of Traditional Poems Epic.Ode.Ballad.Sonnet.Haiku,Limerick.Villanelle. Sestina Organic Poems Does not follow established rules for form. Does not have a regular pattern of rythym and may not rhyme at all. May use unconventional spelling punctuation, and grammar Types of Organic Poems Free Verse, Concrete, shaped Closed form content fits form Open

6 elements of poetry

lines poems are written in lines. the words stop wherever the poet wants them to. rhyme the repetition of syllable sounds rhythm the arrangement of stresses and unstressed sounds into regular patterns sound effects poets use 3 methods alliteration repetition of a constant sound (s.e) repetition reusing words or phrases in a poem (s.e) onomatopoeia sound words (s.e) imagery using senses to create pictures figurative language includes similes, metaphors, personification

Poetry Ode

Ode A single unified strain of exalted lyrical verse, directed to a single purpose and dealing with one theme. Strophe The first stanza and every third stanza after it in the Pindaric Ode Antistrophe Follows the strophe with identical meter. In rhetoric it is the reciprocal conversion o fthe same words in succeeding phrases or clauses. Epode The third stanza form in the Pindaric Ode. Pindaric ode The regular ode

King Arthur

King Arthur BY pettY321 King Arthur, legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories, led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century, Myth or not Historically and through time he has managed to have an incredible impact on Britain and Europe in general and is often considered to be a mythical person that may have not existed

The as well for his poems on life

Thepoems Disabled by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out, out’ by Robert Frost were created inthe early nineteen hundreds during the first world war, these two poems were writtenwith the strong idea of tragedy presenting them a lot during the story. WilfredOwen used to be a poet and also served as a soldier during world war one, Owenwas a very straight forward and real poet, he was mostly known for his harshviews

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