Living a Healthier Lifestyle

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Last updated: April 9, 2019

Nowadays, when people are asked if they live a healthy lifestyle, most of them would answer “No.

” Why? Because living in this chaotic world needs money in order to survive and meet one’s needs. Parents tend to forget to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and sleep at least eight hours a day because of their office work. The children, on the other hand, tend to forget about these things because of the heavy schoolwork that they bring home everyday. You may ask, “What is the effect of living a healthier lifestyle?” Well, based on my experience last summer, regular exercise, proper diet, and an eight-hour sleep everyday can make a person feel young and light.Exercising regularly can make a person feel better in a way that it can make you feel lighter.

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You can do your task easily. You wouldn’t feel so bloated when doing a certain task, because exercise can make your bones and ligaments more stretchable. Actually, the exercise that I am talking about is not the “going-to-the-gym” thing. Oh, I am sure it’s really a hassle to go to the gym everyday.

Maybe thrice a week will do, but I am talking about the 15-minute stretching and a 30-minute jogging around your block.Of course, if you want to attain a certain figure, you also need to eat a well-balanced diet. Take out all your fruits and vegetables inside your fridge and whip up something delicious! I am sure with the right presentation and heavenly taste of the freshness of the vegetables who would not even love to eat it!?! Well, it’s not just for the figure conscious people, I have read before that eating pistachio, almond, and the all those different kinds of nuts that are sold at the groceries can make your brain function well in a way that can help you perform better in whatever you do. Eating fruits and vegetables on the other hand, can make you feel lighter and at the same time there’s an assurance that you wouldn’t sleep during your work.

Being able to sleep at least eight hours a day can make you feel good. I believe that when a person or child sleeps at least eight hours a day, he/she could do better than the one who lacks sleep. Another thing is that, when a person completes his/her eight hours of sleep everyday, the tendency is he/she could have a harmonious relationship with the people around him/her.

You may be asking another question, “What’s the bottom line of these?” Well, being able to exercise regularly, having a healthy diet, and sleeping at least eight hours everyday can make you live a healthier lifestyle. Another thing is that, “Freeing one’s self from worries enables a person to live a healthier lifestyle.” This simply means letting everything be at peace and having the calm assurance that everything is under control can make a person live a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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