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I have weakness In and one skill I am strong and confident In.

I will be righting about my experiences and relating them to theory I have researched using the Organizational Behavior 4th edition book. I will reflect and analyses the skill, then discuss an action plan for the future and how I can develop the specific skill I talk about within the logs.Skill 1 Weak skill Verbal communication My first skill is about how struggle when communicating in verbal presentations. I’m confident when it comes to verbal communication in conversations or interviews. However when being in front on large audiences I find it hard to be as confident. During college I never needed to prepare my own presentation and present them. It was a new experience for me to get into groups or prepare a presentation by myself In front of my peers.I have experienced around 5 presentations now and I feel I am becoming more confident In myself and don’t get as worried when I know I have to do one.

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However I still feel Like It’s a weakness when It comes to my skills and would Like evolve myself to become clear and confident when doing presentations. An example of how I no I’m doing better in this skill is that my grades have become higher. I feel I’m weak when doing presentations because I experience feeling nervous and forget to say things when I know what I’m talking about, so it comes across unprofessional and weak.P304309 Theory Development Skill 2 Strong skill Team working and interpersonal skills . As a group we decided to plan a Wedding, and that we would all have our own specific Jobs to do wealth the project to bring the event together as a whole. My role in the team was Project Manager so I would have overall organization and control of most decisions made.

I found that my interpersonal skills within the group were well suited to my roll and that handled any situation well.For instance one member of the team was being very controlling and patronizing towards other members of the group, this caused conflict as this person was highlighting their weaknesses and verbally telling them what to do. As Project Manager I felt I had to control the situation and make sure everyone felt comfortable with the tasks given and was pappy working with all members of the group. Although I was Project Manager I made it clear that my role was as important as everybody else’s within the team and that we were all equal.I tried to motivate the team as much as possible and praise them for what they have achieved so they feel passionate about the project. As we assigned roles for each Individual and the way we behaved In teams were known as a formal group.

This meant that we accomplished goals must less haphazardly than you would In Internal groups Ana salts people to create more group cohesion as a exult of a common set of goals. We assigned our roles to our particular set of skills, talents and responsibilities. (IPPP organizational behavior, 4th edition. We also passed on information to those who need to know, gathered information, ideas and suggestions and increased commitment and involvement within the team. (IPPP organizational behavior, 4th edition. ) There are many different types of stages of group and team development, one most often used is the TCPMAN (1965) model because of its rhythm sequence, which makes it easy to remember (Pl 25.

) There are vive stages to this model, Forming, Storming, Morning, Performing and Adjourning (Pl 27. ) Each stage becomes relevant to our team at some point throughout the process.

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