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Glenforest Secondary School Final SynthesisByAhmed Khanfar CHC2D0Residential Schools Gord GallimoreMississauga, Ontario December, 24th,2017                     The Winston dictionary defines’residential school’ as “religious schools established toassimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture” (john 2012).

Thereused to be a lot of residential schools. People around Canada were forced into residentialschools. “In residential schools about 150,000 First Nations were forcedto attend residential schools, students were discouraged from speaking theirfirst language or practicing native traditions, and the connection fromchildren and their parents was written in English” (Chris 2001).                    First, about “150,000 first nationswere forced to attend residential schools” (Michael 1994). For example, “FirstNation, Inuit and Métis children were removed from their communities and forcedto attend the schools” (Stefan 2000).

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The First Nations got scared (Joshua1986). For example, when the First Nation were forced to attend residentialschools they were very scared because they will not see their parents anymore.This is why “first nations were forced to attend residential schools and whythey were scared to attend residential schools” (James 1983).                   Secondly, “students were discouraged fromspeaking their first language or practicing native traditions” (Frank 1976).For example, if the First Nation were caught speaking their first language,they would experience severe punishment.

The students got scared to speak theirfirst language. For example, once the students stopped speaking their first languagethey started speaking English which made their parents unhappy when they cameback home. “This is why students were discouraged from speaking their firstlanguage” (Frank 1976).                  Lastly, the connection from children totheir parents was written in English. Which many parents couldn’t read. Forexample, if a parent wanted to talk to their sons or daughters, their sonscould only reply by speaking or writing English. Students forgot to speak theirfirst language in which they can’t speak with their parents or understand whattheir parents are trying to say.

For example, if you forgot how to speak yourfirst language you can’t understand or communicate with your parents. This iswhy the correspondence from children were written in English. This is why theconnection from children to their parents was written in English.              In conclusion, this is why about150,000 first nations were forced to attend residential schools,  students were discouraged from speaking theirfirst language or practicing native traditions , the correspondence childrenwas written in English.

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