Long had to walk and they were hopeless

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Long Walk to Water is an amazing story about 2 children, Nya and Salva, who each go on their own adventures. They are in different years, from different tribes, and they are 2 very different people. Follow the amazing adventures of Nya and Salva as they survive through everything thrown at them they will have to face war, starvation, cold, lions, or doing that long walk to water but still go through it all and get their ending. So onward into this tale, called Long Walk to Water.Salva had a good life but it backfired because people were shooting because there was a war. Salva was left behind in a barn where he met an old lady who left him in a group of walkers. So they had to walk and they were hopeless and they saw Salva’s uncle so his uncle helped. They continued walking.

They had lots of people in the war, they had to survive. Salva was scared he was with his family and he worked hard he was working hard to get water and more. Salva has not seen anything like the desert. Around his village, loun ariik, enough grass and shrubs grew to feed the grazing cattle.  He  was kinda sad because when he was walking with his grandpa and his crew his grandpa died and Salva was sad.

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Salva was asking the crew if he could stay with them. The crew said no because they won’t be able to protect him because there leader is gone. Salva was sitting down all sad and he says “i’m alone now” “but i still need to find my family” said Salva. “I need to find a group now” said Salva. Slava wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

There is men on the beach will you give them water even know you won’t have enough for yourself?  His eyes kept flicking toward the window, through which he could see the road. The road home. Just a little while longer- a few minutes more-and he would be able to walking on that road. Salva could hardly knew where to begin his answer.

it seemed like years since he had run away from his school and into a bush. The lake’s surface was calm, Salva held his breath as he scanned the faces pg 21.   Salva did not know how long he was in the water it felt like hours it felt like years pg 79).

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