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This essay takes up the survey and analysis of the provided instance survey on David from positions of societal work theory and pattern. The survey is structured into three subdivisions. The first subdivision provides a sum-up of the of import societal work issues raised by the survey.

The 2nd subdivision trades with how factors like individual orientation, regard for diverseness and crystalline communicating would inform the manner that I, as a societal worker, would work with the state of affairs. The 3rd subdivision takes up the application of anti-discriminatory attack and pattern to the capable instance. The instance is considered as read.David is an stripling. Adolescence is one of the most of import and vulnerable periods in a individual ‘s life. A transitional period from childhood to maturity, it is characterised by a figure of physical, biological, cognitive, emotional and attitudinal alterations ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .

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A period of struggle on one manus and positive personality development on the other, adolescent kids express an increasing desire for lesser parental authorization and more independency. Adolescents are specifically vulnerable to peer and media force per unit area during this age ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .Despite the demand for increasing liberty, adolescent kids still need the support and counsel of their parents for their physical, emotional and mental good being ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .The household is particularly of import for fostering pro-social behavior in kids. Parental engagement in steering and teaching kids can take many signifiers. These include household relationships, pattern of imposts, traditions and spiritual beliefs ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .In the absence of domestic support from parents and siblings, nutrient, security, vesture and shelter, several jobs could attest themselves ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .

These could be reflected in hapless nutrition and wellness, deficient instruction every bit good as behavioral jobs of emotional perturbation, accommodation, bad influences, substance maltreatment and teen- gestation ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 12-16 ) .David ‘s school has raised concerns about his being a ‘child in demand ‘ . These concerns arise from the fact that David ‘s attending at school is hapless and is exposing behavioral jobs. In add-on, it appears that he may besides be homeless as he has moved out of his male parent ‘s flat and is shacking in another portion of town with a friend. The school is concerned that if David keeps losing school, he is improbable to acquire a proper instruction, which is critical for the development of life accomplishments ( Howe, 2005, p 22-28 ) . Since David is stateless and has no parent or attention giver he could be at great hazard in footings of bad influences, inability to separate between ethical and unethical behavior, hapless dietetic wonts, wellness jobs, and deficient instruction ( Howe, 2005, p 22-28 ) .

David ‘s feelings of insecurity and instability are heightened because of the absence of any emotional, physical or domestic support systems. He besides appears to be sing wellness jobs.Much of a kid ‘s development is significantly influenced by his cultural values and beliefs and cultural background ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 24-30 ) . Cultural background, linguistic communication, behavior, patterns, eating wonts, job work outing accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments, definition of ethical and unethical behavior are all strongly influenced by the person ‘s cultural and cultural backgrounds ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 24-30 ) .

Uprooted from a unafraid life before the divorce and separation of his parents, David finds it hard to acclimatize to an unknown manner of life. Left on his ain, David is unable to get by and is sing terrible accommodation jobs.

Application of Important Social Work Perspectives to the Case

David ‘s instance is complex and has to be examined from different societal work positions in order to get at an appropriate analysis and appraisal and to explicate suited programs for intercession.Social work theory high spots the importance of a ‘person-centred ‘ attack within community attention services ( Thompson, 2006, p 10-16 ) . The person-centred attack includes ( a ) taking history of the service users ‘ demands and positions and ( B ) working efficaciously with their household members. Person-centred services besides promote independency, offering flexibleness and dependability to service users. As such it is of import that assessment enterprises are formulated consequently to get at a proper rating and intercession in a instance survey ( O’Loughlin & A ; O’Loughlin, 2008, p 30-40 ) .Social work pattern needfully involves working closely with other professionals and bureaus to supply accessible and incorporate responses ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) .

As his societal worker, to correctly buttocks and measure David ‘s jobs and troubles with respect to shelter, nutrition, wellness, instruction, domestic support and attention, I will hold to beginning information from David ‘s school, his general practician and his parents ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) . I will necessitate to entree his school attending records and happen out when he began attesting such jobs. Besides, I will necessitate to find whether he is sing any linguistic communication or communicating barriers with his instructors and equals, whether he has any acquisition or other disablement and whether these have been assessed ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) .

His general practician will be able to foreground any bing medical jobs and find whether David is neglect and abused by his male parent ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p30-50 ) . Whilst David ‘s parents will be able to foreground facets of David ‘s upbringing, earlier living conditions and background, his relationships and struggles with each of them, I will besides necessitate to acquire an penetration into their relationship with each other ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) .I will besides necessitate to place David ‘s personal values ; his perceptual experiences of ethical behavior and the grounds for his present behavior. I will necessitate to happen out why he is disobeying his male parent, why he has left place and life elsewhere ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) .As a societal worker, it is necessary for me to assist David do informed picks and point out the effects of his behavior, peculiarly with mention to his instruction and his relationship with his male parent. Poor attending could intend that he, and his male parent, could be held accountable by the instruction governments ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) . His refusal to obey his male parent and his present homeless state of affairs could set down him in Foster attention.

I will besides explicate to him the benefits of reding through other bureaus to decide struggle issues with his male parent and other jobs ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2007, p 30-50 ) .Culture influences household life through beliefs, values and existent parenting patterns. Within the place environment, this might intend speech production in a linguistic communication other than English, following a peculiar spiritual belief, cookery and eating wonts and raising kids with traditional parenting manners and values ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 24-30 ) . Certain behaviors are encouraged, while others are considered inappropriate or unwanted. Each kid ‘s sense of ego is, in portion, rooted in civilization. Children tend to boom in environments that acknowledge and esteem their cultural beliefs and imposts, impacting straight on their security, instruction and socialization ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 24-30 ) . Conversely, when kids ‘s civilizations are non reflected in their experiences beyond the place, they may non accomplish their maximal potency ( Benson & A ; Haith, 2009, p 24-30 ) .

In measuring David ‘s instance, information about his cultural, cultural and spiritual background has every bit much as a bearing as the other factors.To get at a culturally competent appraisal, I need to understand the sort of upbringing David has had and the factors that are now in struggle with that upbringing. I besides need to determine his spiritual beliefs, patterns, imposts and personal values.Effective communicating helps to bridge the spread between the societal worker and the service usage.

Reliability, understanding and empathy are the key to effectual communications in societal work ( Webb, 2003, p 15-25 ) . The more efficaciously the societal worker communicates, the more the topic opens up for treatment, assisting to happen solutions for the client. It is of import for societal workers to develop verbal every bit good as different sorts of non-verbal communicating accomplishments by practising them often every bit good as increasing their interpersonal interaction with their topic ( Webb, 2003, p 15-25 ) .Whilst meeting with the kid, father, female parent, physician and school it is imperative that I communicate efficaciously with each of them, explicating my actions and methods and what can be achieved from this exercising.The ultimate purpose is to assist David get the better of exclusions, increase positive engagement in instruction and equalize relationships.

Application of Anti-Discriminatory Approach and Practice

The purpose of societal workers is to dispute subjugation and favoritism and work with persons and groups, peculiarly those who are disadvantaged and excluded, so as to better their economic and societal wellbeing ( Thompson, 2006, p 10-15 ) . Social work pattern requires societal workers to cover and interact extensively with people from hapless backgrounds and excluded or disadvantaged sections of society ( Thompson, 2006, p 10-15 ) .

As authorized societal work practicians, their actions can do a important difference to the lives and good being of disadvantaged people ( Thompson, 2006, p 10-15 ) .It is therefore really of import for societal workers to utilize their powers and authorization responsibly in the class of their pattern and to follow feasible anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive attacks ( Thompson, 2006, p 10-15 ) . This is nevertheless easier said than done.Lena Dominelli ( 2004 ) , in her thesis ‘Social Work: Theory and Practice for Changing Profession ‘ debunks the fact that societal work patterns are impersonal and anti-discriminatory. Harmonizing to Dominelli, chief watercourse professional pattern has been loath to follow an explicitly anti-oppressive mantle and is in fact now even more marginalised, excluded and oppressed ( Dominelli, 2004, p 25-30 ) . Bowing to present facets of globalization like Taylorism, Fordism and Managerialism societal work pattern has been reduced to a everyday, bureaucratic undertaking, where grounds and competence based pattern and hazard appraisals are valued above the demands and demands of societal service users ( Dominelli, 2004, p 25-30 ) .Thompson ‘s PCS theoretical account efforts to explicate why it is hard for societal workers to follow genuinely anti-discriminatory attacks in pattern, despite their best purposes.Thompson analyses how structural, cultural and personal factors influence attitudes and perceptual experiences of the societal worker.

At the Personal ( P ) degree it could reflect bare bias based on internalised premises. At the Cultural ( C ) degree it could uncover shared values of involvements and influence of society and on a Structural ( S ) degree it could bespeak how subjugation is woven into the societal cloth by assorted establishments such as spiritual, the media and authorities ( Thompson, 2006, p10-15 )Thompson draws to our attending to the fact that understanding internalization, in footings of favoritism and stigma, can assist practicians separate how external factors reflect and impact on the populations at hazard ( Thompson, 2006, p10-15 ) . If these factors are non taken into history the societal service user can see favoritism and subjugation.

He besides highlights the fact that appropriate usage of statute law can advance anti-discriminatory pattern in societal work ( Thompson, 2006, p10-15 ) .Social workers come from advantaged sections of society. They by and large attend better colleges and have marginal contact with the deprived sections of society before they enter pattern ( Thompson, 2006, p10-15 ) .Harmonizing to Thompson ( 2006 ) , their attitudes and attacks to other people are really likely to be influenced by personal, cultural and structural factors. This can reflect, deliberately and accidentally, in their behavior towards service users.Dominelli ( 2004 ) , believes that to develop an anti-oppressive attitude, societal worker bureaus foremost need to cultivate and be committed to turn toing structural subjugation rooted in institutional patterns and norms along with interpersonal 1s.

The working environment itself needs to be anti-oppressive throughout. Dominelli accent that the procedure of conscious- elevation should be taken up at both the personal and social degree and that alteration attempts must needfully advance institutional and organizational alteration every bit good ( Dominelli, 2004, p 25-30 ) .Social workers must therefore at all times take positive stairss to extinguish and get the better of their societal prejudices and attitudes, seek to develop echt empathy for the jobs and challenges of their clients, follow person-centred attacks and invariably dispute subjugation and favoritism when they see it go oning around them ( Dominelli, 2004, p 25-30 ) .


An stripling, David has been identified by his school as a ‘child in demand ‘ . He has been referred to Social Services for proper appraisal, rating and intercession of his instance. In the absence of proper parental and domestic support, David is floating and exposing anti-social behavior, emotional perturbations and wellness jobs. This is non merely impacting straight on his school public presentation, but seting him at hazard from in footings of bad influences, hapless dietetic wonts and attendant wellness jobs, deficiency of shelter, nutrient, vesture and deficient educational result.

Whilst measuring David ‘s instance, assorted factors like his age, cultural and spiritual backgrounds and household relationships, personal values and grounds for present behaviors have been taken into consideration. Additionally, information has besides been sourced from his school, general practician and parents.The ultimate purpose is aid David overcome exclusions, increase positive engagement in instruction, equalize relationships and guarantee that David is given every chance to develop as an person and do a positive part to society.Whilst societal work pattern purposes at anti-discriminatory rating and intercession of populations at hazard, societal workers must guard against personal, cultural and structural internalization during pattern to guarantee the well being of the service users, by developing a individual centred attack to pattern.

However, to do societal work genuinely anti -discriminatory in attack, anti-oppressive patterns must needfully be woven into the cloth of the societal work organizational construction itself.

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