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Last updated: April 6, 2019

Looking for work?You’re not alone. Hundreds ofthousands of professionals, young and old alike, are looking for jobs everyday. So much so that it would be fitting to say that most of them are desperatefor a job already.

This is the result of the world we live in – a world wherehigh unemployment rates have become a fact of life. As humans, though, we areadaptable. And as we find ourselves in the direst of financial situations,we’ll learn that it is also true that desperation breeds ingenuity; thinkingoutside of the box these days will show you opportunities that you neverthought expected before. For instance, did you know thatyou could get paid to literally beg for money? CyberBeg.comallows you to create an account to ask for a handout from complete strangersand it works! Well, most of the time.

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The $15 fee may turn off most people, butconsidering that members have donated more than $100,000 as of December 22,2017, it might just be worth a shot. Not looking for a free handout?Don’t worry. There are other weird online jobs that you can avail of this 2018that pay quite well. Read on below to learn more.1.    PlayingVideo GamesTechnically, this shouldn’tqualify for a “weird” job anymore.

So many gamers from all over the world havemade bank over the past few years just from recording themselves playing videogames, or playing competitively. And no, we’re not kidding about the latter.There are real life professionals, most of which teenagers and young adults,who get paid huge sums of money to play a video game professionally. They’reinsanely good at their respective games, though.But you don’t really even have tobe good at video games to make money off them. You just have to have somethingthat people would pay for to watch, whether it be a thick British accent, apenchant for funny theatrics, or whatever. Having said that, making millionsjust from playing video games isn’t easy.

So many others have tried and failedin the past. However, considering that you probably already have what’snecessary to start – a stable internet connection, a computer or a console, avideo cam and a willingness to experiment – you might as well try. 2.    WebsiteFlippingThis is self-explanatory: you buya cheap website domain and sell it off for profit. Kind of like buying a housefor cheap, sprucing it up and selling it for more cash, but without thesprucing up part. You’d be surprised how much some companies are willing to payfor a specific domain name.

This is a bit risky, though. Notall domain names will sell for quite as much. Some won’t even sell at all. So,it’s best to educate yourself as much as you can about this kind of venturebefore investing. That way, you don’t end up buying every domain name that youthink is going to sell well.

3.    HelpStudents Pass The SATRemember how much you paid offthat guy or girl in your class who was obviously way smarter than you were tohelp you study for the SAT test years ago? As it turns out, the advent of theinternet has made it so that students these days can ask for help from anyonefrom anywhere in the world – for a price.Of course, this comes with theobvious prerequisite of being smart and knowing how to prepare for the SAT.But, if you know what you’re doing, you could make some serious money offstudents who’re desperate to go to their dream university. 4.

    DocumentTranslationWhile this isn’t as simple asjust using Google translate, you can make some serious money translatingdocuments from one document to another. If you’re multi-lingual and fluent inmany languages, both written and orally, this is a great way to earn money onthe side. 5.    HelpSomeone HungoverWith a double whammy of Christmasand New Year ahead of us, parties will be literally everywhere, which meanslivers all over the world are bound to take a beating. Take advantage of thisand offer to help out those who’re hungover the next morning. For a price, ofcourse.

You can offer all sorts ofservices, from coming by to clean up after a party, to offering herbal hangoverremedies, or just by making a scrumptious meal of bacon and eggs in themorning. It doesn’t take much to get started either. You just need to get theword out, either via Craigslist, Kijiji, or even Facebook, or by putting up adson bulletin boards at your local bars and taverns. 6.    Participatein a Focus GroupCompanies such as 20|20 Panel and AlphaBuzz, among many others, haveprovided companies with qualitative research data from focus groups for years.

You can offer to participate as part of their focus groups and get paid foranything from having a study of your smartphone habits to your thought processwhen buying household products.7.    RentYourself OutTalk about weird. Apparently,these days, there are people who offer themselves for rent and those whoactually are willing to pay to rent someone out. Services offered and soughtafter include being someone’s cuddle buddy, going as a +1 to an importantevent, or being a tour guide. Some are even willing to pay just to have apretend “online” boyfriend, mostly to deter stalkers, deranged exes and otherinterested parties.

If you’ve some free time to burn,you could do worse than to rent yourself out for a few hours or even a wholeday for some extra cash. 8.    GetPaid To Stand in LineThis feels like it belongs to the”rent yourself” category, but it deserves its own mention because A) it’s theholiday season and B) there’s a lot of moolah to be made just to stand in linefor someone who can’t just wait to get their hands on whatever people arelining up for hours these days. You can jump start yourline-sitting gig by offering your services via online errand marketplaces like AskForTask where you scour the marketfor pretty much whatever task fancies your interest in exchange for money. 9.

    Huntfor PornDo you fancy yourself a hawk-eyedfellow? If so, you might want to head on over to CrowdFlower.Founded in 2007, the onlineagency works with other businesses to handle some of their most randomrequests, like, per say, hunt down porn. Or, to be specific, nude photos thatsomehow make it past their initial screening.

Businesses that allowuser-generated content uploads constantly have to deal with their users tryingto upload a nude pic or two. That’s where you and your keen eye for detail comein; your job is to scan photos and other content to make sure that they’re safefor work. You can make anywhere from $1 to$40, depending on how urgent the job is and what kind of photos you have tosift through. Though porn isn’t exactly the only thing that CrowdFlower dabblesin, as the agency also offers other less interesting jobs like addressverification, data sorting, and so on.

10. Put YourTechnical Knowledge to UseIf you know your way aroundcomputers, mobile phones, and pretty much anything tech-related, you can hop onover to sites such as FixYa and JustAnswer, where you can earn money forhelping provide the best answer to a posted question. The more questions youanswer, the higher your earnings.

You can also write tips and how-to’s.11. Be aVirtual JurySites such as eJury offer cash tointerested participants to help lawyers stage a mock trial in preparation forthe real thing. Basically, your job is much like that of an actual jury: youreview cases and then give your opinion based on a list of questions.  While each case won’t likely makeyou more than $10, it’s a nice change of pace if you’ve gone full-on workingonline.

12. GetPaid for Your Holiday SnapsCompanies are always on the look out for that uniquephotograph that best captures their brand so why not cash in?Selling your holiday photos is a non-committal way to makemoney while traveling. If you don’t make money off them, it’s fine. But if youdo, even better. And more often than not, you will make a few bucks off thosephotos of yours. The best part about this is that you don’t have to be aprofessional.

All you need is a half decent camera or smartphone and an eye forgood scenery. If you have both, all you need to do is to head on over to Fotoliaor 123rf and wait for someone to buy oneof your pictures. 13. Send TextMessagesLast, but definitely not theleast, is the one “job” mentioned at the onset of this article. If you haven’t checked outCybergBeg yet, do it now. You’ll see a lot of weird listings there, and what’seven weirder is that people are willing to donate regardless of how absurd itmay seem.

You may not be able to make much money off this, but hey, every pennycounts!Whether you’re looking for a mainsource of income or a way to make a bit of cash on top of your 9-5, there areplenty of weird jobs available over the internet that can help you out. Consider trying out the optionswe listed above to see if they work for you or not. Who knows? You might justend up stumbling into a gold mine. 

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