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Lord of the flies is a British novel written by William Golding, in1954. In this book author writes a story about a group of British teenagers whowere evacuated from England because of the war, but their airplane crushes andthey got stuck in an island, without any grown-ups with them. This book talksabout how they try to survive and how boys get split in two group   savagery, and Civilization.

Author wants todescribe that how a group of young boys try to govern themselves in an unknownisland.  Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon, Samand Eric, and Roger are main characters.Ralph was walking, and trying to explore the island, he meetspiggy. Piggy and Ralph talk to each other and they find out that their planecrushed and they are probably in an island without grown-ups.

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Ralph makes funof Piggy because of his nickname, which is Piggy. Piggy is fat, he has asthma,he puts on spectacles and he does not his nickname repeated. Ralph is prettyexcited, but Piggy is concerned. They want to find everyone who is in thisisland.

They suddenly find a conch shell in a pool of water. Piggy knows how itworks how to do to make a trumpet like sound but he has never done this becauseof the Asthma he has. He tries to explain how it works to Ralph. Ralph blows init few times finally he becomes able to make a sound, and he calls up any otherboy that has probably survived.The first person who comes to Piggy and Ralph is a littlun namedJohnny.  A group of boys having a long cloakalso start to appear from middle of the forest. This is a choir which is led byJack who says no one is going to come we need to take care of ourselves. Slowlyeveryone who has survived assembles in the beach.

Ralph starts to talk and hesays they need a chief and some sort of rules. Boys vote for Ralph to becometheir chief. In this time Jack gets humiliated. Ralph Jack, Ralph, and Simonclimb on mountains to find out where are they. He makes jack the leader of hunters’ choir. They find out that theyare in and Island, and there are pigs they can hunt.

First pig Jack wants tohunt runs away. Ralph calls boys up for another assembly and he tells to everyonethat they are in an island and they are alone without any adults. He saysanyone who has the conch can talk.

This rule shows us that Ralph wantscivilization and order in everything. During this assembly suddenly a littluncatches the conch and asks Ralphs opinion about snake or the Beast. This momentis actually root of all conflict in this story. Ralph says there is not anybeast, but Jack says we are strong and brave enough to kill or hunt the beast.In this part there is two ways; boys either go to Ralph’s way or Jack’s way.Ralph says there should be a small signal fire lit on the top of mountain sothat if any ship passes by can recognize them, and rescue them. Boys run up tothe mountain and make a huge and uncontrollable fire using Piggy’s spectacles.

Jack keeps hunting even when everyone else got tired, but can’tcatch anything. Ralph is busy with making shelters, everyone else except Simonplays or swims, but Simon helps Ralph in making shelters. In this time Jack andRalph get into an argument, because both of them are very tired and both ofthem can’t convince each other. Meanwhile, a boy called Roger starts bullyingand throwing stone at a littlun called Henry he makes sure stones don’t hitHenry, but it is okay with Roger if stones hit Henry.

Jack goes and finds color to paint his face, and starts to do a wardance. He painted his face because he thinks pigs run away when they see hispink face. He starts to hunt again, and finally he manages to kill a pig. Whilehe and other guys are busy with killing pig the signal fire burns out.

On theother hand, Ralph sees a ship in the sea. He, Simon, and Piggy start to rush upto the mountain top but ship disappears. Ralph gets so angry, and he confrontsJack for loosing rescue ship. Jack gets humiliated, and he can’t do anything toRalph, instead he smacks piggy, and breaks his glasses. Jack apologizes fromRalph for letting fire burn out.

Later on Ralph again calls boys for an assembly he says that boysare not doing what they said they would do like keeping the signal fire lit,building shelters, or pouring water in shells. Ralph starts a debate on why arethey getting apart as group, and he adds that there is nothing to be afraid of.Jack snatches the conch, and says that littluns are crying because they are sissies,and crybabies, and he says that there is not any beast. Piggy claims that heagrees with some of the things that Jack has told, but not all, and he saysthat littluns are afraid of each other. A littlun, named Phil, suggests that beast comes from water.

Thisclaim terrifies almost everyone. Another littlun blurts out that it is a ghost.Piggy yells at them saying they are stupid. Jack tells him to shut up, andfights with him over the conch. Jack says Ralph shut up, and says that he isnot a good chief. Jack says he is not afraid of the beast, and he is braveenough to kill, and hunt the beast.

Ralph talking to Piggy and Simon says that he wants to give up onbeing the chief, but Simon and Piggy convince him not to do that saying thatJack hates Ralph, and Piggy, and he would hunt both of them. At night, up in the sky and air battle occurs, and a dead parachuteman falls down near to the top of the mountain in the island. Sam and Eric whowere going to collect firewood for signal fire saw this parachute and theythink it is the Beast. They ran away from the Beast to the Boys in the camps,and tell that they had seen the Beast to everyone.

This news terrifieseveryone. Jack, Ralph, and other older boys go to look for beast at a placethey have never explo0red before, Castle Rock, at the far end of the island. They could not find any beast there so they turned around, and gotthe way to go to the mountain top. On their way they stopped to do somehunting, and Ralph got a taste of it. Then boys did some fun things, one ofthem pretended to be the pig, and other boys pretended to they are attackinghim.

This is quite violent. It was dark everywhere when they got to themountain, but Jack insists to keep going. Jack, Roger, and Ralph climbed up themountain in the dark, they saw the beast and ran back to the shelters, whereeveryone was there. In the beach Jack tries to convince boys to take Ralph out of hisChief, instead vote for Jack to become the chief, but none of the boys acceptit. Jack gets humiliated again, and says he is not going to play with themanymore. Jack asks boys anyone who wants to go hunting can accompany him,many of the older boys join Jack. All of the hunters painted their faces, anddid war dance.

They killed a pig. Jack and Roger put the head on a stake thatthey had already dug in the ground. Jack and his tribe raid Ralph’s group totake fire from signal fire on the top of mountain. Jack’s tribe invited Ralph’sboys to come to the feast, and also them that they can join Jack’s tribe ifthey want. Simon often wanders off alone by his own sees the Pig’s heads.

Headsays to Simon that it’s the beast and Lord of the Flies; also he says thatbeast is not something they could kill or hunt. The head laughs at Simon andsays Beast is inside the boys. Simon rushes up to the mountain to find out what that deadparachuter really is, and he sees it. Simon hurries up to go to the boys andtell them that there is not any beast.

Ralph and Piggy had gone to the Jacks feast. Everyone was thereexcept Simon. Most of the boys had joined Jack’s tribe. Jack makes all the boysto do hunting dance and chant, “Kill the Beast. Cut his throat.

Spill hisblood.” At this time Simon out of the forest to tell everyone that there is notany beast, but a dead man in the parachute, but boys all kill him, even Ralph. The next day Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric wanted to pretend thatthey were not part of what happened to Simon. At night Jack’s tribe once againattacked Ralph’s group to steal Piggy’s glasses so that they can make fireanytime they want. Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric had their last meeting, with the conch.Piggy held the conch and said that he want to go and demand his glasses back.They went to Castle Rock, but the boys there didn’t allow them in. Jack comesback from the jungle and has Sam and Eric tied up.

Jack and Ralph foughttogether, but Piggy interrupts and asks boys whether it is good to believe andfollow the rules and get rescued or to hunt, and disobey the rules. While hewas talking Roger dislodges a huge stone that breaks down the conch, and killsPiggy. Jack threw his spear at Ralph, but Ralph ran away.

Jack and Rogerprepared to torture Sam and Eric. At night while Jack’s tribe were having a feast, Ralph came to talkto Sam and Eric. Same and Eric told Ralph he was going to get hunted next day,and also that Roger had sharpened a stake at both ends. Next day during the hunt, Ralph hid in the bushes, but Sam and Erictold Jack where he was hiding. Jack puts all the bushes on fire, and his tribeformed a line to find Ralph.

Jack sets whole island on fire and Ralph ran out to the beach wherea police officer had just arrived, investigating the fire. Police officer asked few questions from Ralph. Ralph answered.Ralph was trying to explain what happened during the time that they were inthis island, but his deep sadness didn’t let him and he started to weep andsob, when he started sobbing other littluns also started sobbing. Boys gotrescued.

 In “Lord of the Flies” William Goldingrepresents his point of view or perspective on men. Based on the point of timewhen Golding wrote and published this book, there was World War II going on andafter that a lot of other wars happened on Earth. Golding based on thoseexperiences of him expresses his harsh view about human kind.

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