‘Love You Forever’ Book Review

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Last updated: October 4, 2019

I remember my mother reading Love You Forever to me when I was a young child. I also remember being puzzled as to why she undoubtedly always ended the book with tears in her eyes. Now that I have the opportunity to revisit Robert Munsch’s touching story, I understand why it meant so much to my mother. The illustrations done by Sheila McGraw were always what captured my wavering attention when I was younger. The images are bright, comical, and entertaining. My guess is this book is intended for readers in grades 2 through 3.However, while this is certainly a children’s book, Munsch conjured a story that reaches past the elementary audience and into the hearts of adults as well.

From this story children see the concept of maturing into adulthood, gain insight on a parent’s perspective while raising a child, and learn just what unconditional love really is. There are two main characters in this book whom we are introduced to in the very first line of the story: “A mother held her new baby and very slowing rocked him back and forth. The mother and the baby are never identified by name. I believe this is because the author wants the mother to represent all mothers who love their children and the baby to represent all children. It is much easier for the reader to identify with the character without a specific name attached. By not assigning the characters names, Munsch is inviting the readers, whether mother or child, to attach their own identity to these characters making it that much more relevant.

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