I was at the lowest point of my life at seven years old

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Last updated: April 10, 2019

I was twenty pounds over the average weight of an average seven year old boy. I was in trouble of not moving on to the next grade. Also I had no ambitions nor was I motivated to do anything. Well many might say that’s normal for a seven year old kid, but there had to be something to change my character and point me in the right direction.

My parents were concerned and they would always try to motivate me to do things. For example, I would be forced to go on, what I believed to be long arduous bike rides on the weekends. Worst, they would make me run in the morning. I hated my parents little adventures and I would always throw a tantrum when they asked me to go. They tried putting me in sports like, little league, basketball, soccer, even gymnastics. Nothing interest me, the close I got to a team sport was two players on Nintendo.

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I needed some kind of light, maybe even a miracle.Then one day arrived a beacon, it came in a form of a letter. It read, “Come for a free- trail at the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Center.” My parents asked if this would interest me.

At the time, The Karate Kid was my favorite movie and I thought of it as something fun and not a athletic sport. This was my parents final hope.It was an afternoon after my parents got off work and we entered the brand new dojo. That’s Korean for training center. We entered a small room in the back, and I was so excited. The instructor introduced himself as, Master Warrick. He then proceeded to ask me questions about myself and it made me feel special.

Then we got right to work by begging with a basic punch. Then Master Warrick taught me a basic kick. Then we did the kick and the punch together. He asked me to continue practicing well he talked with my parents. When he came out, asked if I would like to come back in two days to be fitted for a uniform and test for my white belt.

Of course I said yes and when I came out, I remember feeling better about myself and my abilities. I felt a feeling that I had felt before but not in this way. For once I felt passion for something I liked, not for something I despised. Right when I got home I called my friends because I couldn’t wait to show them what I had learned. I was so proud of my accomplishment and so were my friends.

Master Warrick taught me many things other than fighting. I started going twice a week and couldn’t wait to earn another belt. I started to lose weight and my body felt better because I had more energy. Not only was I gaining athletic ability but I was building a positive character. Master Warrick taught me many things other than fighting.My Karate class would start by saying a creed every practice.

By saying the creed I promised that I would never do anything to hurt my self or other, nor put my body in danger. Also to always use karate for self defense only. I also would say five words that I lived my life by.

The first was perseverance, this taught me to never give up and to always work till the job was done. The next was self- control, this taught me to have the ability to control myself when it came to eating, or at school. The third was indomitable spirit, which gave me the attitude to never let anything or anyone take me down. The next was integrity, this helped me become honest with others and myself. The last was respect. Respect was what helped me in my studies, because it helped me build a relationship with my teachers. In turn they were always willing to give me extra help, and to build healthy study habits.

I changed my life I the four years I was I karate. It was what helped me to be who I am today. I learned that I was able to lead and be competitive.

I gained interest in sports and most importantly my studies and future. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for karate.

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