Lyric & Narrative Poetry

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Last updated: December 6, 2019
Lyric Poetry
Expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker and uses images and other details to create a single unified impression- usually musical or in verse.

(Lyric poetry)1) 14 lines2)Rhyming3) Praising/respecting something/someone

(Lyric poetry)1) # of lines varies2)May or may not rhyme3) Celebrates/honors a person, idea, or object.

(Lyric poetry)1) # of lines varies2)May or may not rhyme3) Reflects on death/sad/serious themes in a positive way

Narrative Poetry
Tells a story in verse with rhythm and has all the elements of a short story; including plot, character, conflict, and rhyme.

(Narrative)1) Long; may even sometimes be a whole book2)Dramatic/Exciting story3) Normally has a hero and a reward

(Narrative)1) Tells a story2) Song-Like (repeated verses and actions)3) Has adventure, romance, or tragedy.

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