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         Main Business ChallengesMounika Kasuganti (002838925)University of the CumberlandsWeek4-Assmt                       1.     Starting up a business ·         Starting a business itself is a biggest achievement for an entrepreneur but maintaining that standard is the larger challenge.·         Being an entrepreneur is not as easy task as some people think. ·         In the today’s competitive world, there will be many biggest challenges whether it is on a small or large scale. 1.1        These include standard things like: 1.      Hiring good employees.

2.      Knowing when to fire bad employees.3.      Maintaining some kind of work and Life balance4.      Building up the  brand of your company.

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2                   The main biggest challenges 2.1        Top 5 challenges faced by small-sized business: 2.1.1        Developing Revenue : ·         When the income is more for a developing a business, it brings up   important  doors for advertisement and extending  features security, and proposes for the future growth also—which makes the business additionally engaging money related masters 2.1.2    Expanding Profit   ·         For the expansion of benefit, have to show that a business has truly started the street toward developing as an operation and  main role in expanding the profits is to working together at an organization level. 2.

1.3    Income :  ·         Cash stream has a tendency to be significantly more of a worry for smaller organizations.·         While greater organizations have the more influence and power to cover themselves over slower periods but the little organizations afraid of this extravagance.

  2.1.4    Engaging Employees:  ·         Recruitment the employees is much easier for smaller organizations than for the bigger partners.

  2.1.5    Increasing Finance :  ·         Securing the finance here in smaller organizations to get off the ground and start extending isn’t a big hurdle for independent ventures to confront.·         More up to date wanders include more hazard than bigger to set up organizations, so securing the essential startup funding is not an easy task to come up. 2.1       Top 5 challenges faced by medium -sized  business: 2.

2.1    Developing Revenue: ·         Growing income is nearly as a lot of a worry for medium-sized organizations with respect to little ones.·         Existing in this range is shaky, as the cost is used to change in a incremental fashion, so income channels like retail shrink, chargeback’s, and waste can extremely hurt.·         More noteworthy income gives more assurance against these stuns.  2.2.2    Recruiting Employees:  ·         This arranges in a business’ advancement is while acquiring the representatives begins to end up plainly an essential concern.·         Organizations should require a huge workforce keeping in mind the end goal to keep developing.

  2.2.3    Representative Health Benefits: ·         This is one of the huge costs that associated with the employees for the Health Care facilities in this kind of organizations as the Business partners are from the smaller organizational level.

 2.2.4    Government Regulation: ·         As organizations develop to this level, the rundown of government directions to which they should adjust additionally rapidly develops. 2.

2.5    Expanding Profit: ·         Increasing benefit is to a lesser extent a worry at this level than on the independent company scale. 2.3       Top 5 challenges faced by Large -sized business: 2.3.

1    Enlisting Employees:  ·         When achieving this business echelon, numerous operations find that building a sufficiently vast workforce to stay aware of the rate of extension is the greatest business challenge.  2.3.2    Developing Revenue: ·         Developing the business’ income will dependably be a test for any size association, since income burdens are connected to the business’ size level.

  2.3.3    Government Regulation : ·         Though a business will grow, the weights of government control don’t vanish.·         Indeed, even as organizations develop to end up noticeably more prepared and better ready to manage control, the administrative necessities will also change.  2.3.4    Representative Healthcare:  ·         Much like direction, the difficulties exhibited by worker human services don’t vanish for bigger organizations.

·         At this bigger Organizational level, watching consistence turns out to be extremely troublesome for organizations to oversee.     2.3.

5    Expanding Profit:  ·         For the bigger associations, the main function is to accomplish strength and also growing the client requirements than to forcefully drive through benefits. Increasing benefit is infrequently anything besides great from a business point of view.3.

Ways  to overcome these challenges as an entrepreneur 1.      Move on with a positive thinking.2.      Go back to the roots3.      If you fail to do in one idea, just don’t give up and keep trying on yourself4.

      Meditating may change your thoughts to concentrate on the right things.5.      Change in the belief may lead towards challenges.6.      Don’t stress yourself7.      Always working smarter is good thing of being working hard and not succeeding sometimes.

8.      Just think big and achieve your dreams. 

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