Majority is not specific to individual consumers. ATL

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Last updated: March 28, 2019

Majority of our age has been passed by balancing career and our family.But after a certain age we all need to spent time only for ourselves and forthe security of the days after us. With our guide our family, our children growup and we become too old to bear that responsibility. So, then we need to enjoysome last moment of our life without stress. To enjoy this anticipated moment, Miracle Bank brings you Seniors’Savings Account – a deposit account with never-ending benefits.

Package Name: YOLO- You Only Live OncePackage tagline: Eligibility:Any Bangladeshi Citizen aged 55 years or aboveInterestRate: Daily End Balance Interest Rate 25 Thousand – Below 1 Lac 2.20% 1 Lac – Below 5 Lac 2.70% 5 Lac – Below 10 Lac 3.20% 10 Lac – Below 25 Lac 3.15% 25 Lac & Above 3.

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15%      Features:·        LifeInsurance Coverage.·        Discountat various hospitals & diagnostic centers around the country.·        Interest on every day’s balance andpayment at the end of the month. 0.50% higher interest than that of usual SB Account. Free Debit Card. 25% reduced charge for all banking services. Money withdrawal facility from any VISA signed ATM booth around you 24 hours a day.

Free online facilities across the branches. Balance query through SMS. Education Loan facility for higher studies for your offspring/ grandchildren complying bank’s terms & conditions.

Privilege for doing Internship for your offspring/ grandchildren in the Bank. Gift for the best saver. Priority service.

·        Firstcheque book free.·        Freepassport endorsement.·        50%discount on locker charge for the first year. Area to cover:We will start this package to all the 176 Braches, over 500ATMs and 448 SME Units offices of Miracle Bank across the country. It willcover almost all the senior citizen over the country and attract them to takeour scheme. Marketing Strategy (ATL or BTL):Above The Line (ATL) advertising is where mass media is usedto promote brands and reach out to the target consumers.

These includeconventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print aswell as internet. This is communication that is targeted to a wider spread ofaudience, and is not specific to individual consumers. ATL advertising tries toreach out to the mass as consumer audience. Below the line (BTL) advertising is more one to one, andinvolves the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions,brochures placed at point of sale, on the roads through banners and placards. Forcertain markets, like rural markets where the reach of mass media like print ortelevision is limited, BTL marketing with direct consumer outreach programmesdo make the most sense.But as Miracle Bank is launching their Senior citizenpackage across the country they are targeting a wide range of customer aboveaged 55. So only pamphlets, handbills, stickers, brochures is not enough tocover around the country. That’s why, Miracle Bank decides to promote theirpackage through ATL.

Because persons above 55 years old watch TV for news,prefer to read newspapers also. So If we advertise this new scheme overtelevision, radio, newspaper it would be more convenient to capture the targetcustomers all over the country. And if we think about the expenses, deliveringpamphlets, brochure will cost much more and won’t give us the desired result.Because in reality, no one read responsively and carefully what is written inthose handbills, brochures and pamphlets.

Psychographic Traits:Segmentation will allow you to better develop and marketyour products because there will be a more precise match between the productand each segment’s needs and wants.Social status: Based on social status citizens may claimdifferent services and benefits. For this we divided them into 3 different partand they are Lower class, medium and upper class. The lower class people whoalways want protection after their retirement, so for them we have LifeInsurance coverage. Also we are providing Education loan and internship fortheir offspring or grandchildren.

The middle class people will have healthservice at different hospitals and diagnosis center, reduced charge in allbanking activities. For upper class we have travel benefits like free passportendorsement, international credit card facility etc. Day-today activities: Based on their day-to-day activitieswe have 0.50% higher interest than that of usual SB Account, Free onlinefacilities across the branches, Interest on every day’s balance and payment atthe end of the month etc. Interests and opinions: For their interest and opinion wehave Gift for the best saver, Priority service, 50% discount on locker chargefor the first year etc.


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