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Last updated: September 22, 2019

Make Your RentalProperty Stand Out with Great PhotographsIn a world where the average attention span is eightseconds, your rental ad has to be noticed right away.

How do you grab yourpotential renter’s interest? Great photographs of your property. Here are sometips to guarantee eye-catching photos. Hire aProfessional PhotographerIf you want the best shots possible, or if you are not greatat taking pictures, consider hiring a professional photographer.

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There arequite a number of commercial photographers that specialize in this field. They startaround $89 depending on square foot area and move up from there. Virtual tourvideos are also a great way to showcase the space and will be at a highercharge from a regular photo session.  What You will Needif Shooting the Property YourselfIf you choose to take the pictures yourself, keep in mindthat it is best to have at least ten to fifteen great shots that you can use. Aprofessional photographer takes about 30 to 40 minutes to cover 2500 squarefeet, so allow yourself the time to do a good job.

The pictures can be taken with a quality mobile phone, orcamera. One tip is making sure your cell, or camera includes gridlines to helpwith the subject spacing in your pictures. Great Tips for theBest Possible ShotsGet rid of any clutter in the rooms you are going to shootin. Clutter takes away from how large the room can look and distracts theviewer from the benefits of the area. It also makes the pictures lookunprofessional. Decrease the clutter and consider staging to make the space lookits best.Make sure you are not in the photos of the rental property.

Use whatever natural light comes into the unit. Open up anyblinds, or curtains to take advantage of the sunlight. It makes the space looklarger and brighter. Shoot during the day and enhance the natural light with well-placedadditional lighting.

Shoot the photos from various angles in the room and variousheights. When you are editing your photos, you can see which angle makes theroom look bigger and better lit. If there is anything really striking about the rental place,highlight it in some of your photos. This will include any renovations, uniqueattributes of the space, or great views from the windows. Take some shots of the outside of the rental property, tolet the potential rental view the neighbourhood and close amenities.

This canpositively boost the attractiveness of your rental unit. Take the time to edit all your shots thoroughly. Do not useany photo that is blurry, or unflattering to the unit. Be honest about theproperty you are renting, so no need to use any technical tweaks to the photos.The only enhancements that you should use in property photography are betterlighting and colour contrast.

Just like online dating, the first in-person viewing,will reveal everything. When you use these tips to create photos of your property,your potential for renting will be maximized. 

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