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Last updated: April 4, 2019

In my opinion what makes a good film is the overall look and design of the film. It has to include comedy, romance, horror and sci-fi. The Matrix includes all of these titles, but it manly includes sci-fi, there’s not much comedy but it tries to include some small jokes, for example when Neo was bugged it was a small and simple joke that is there to make people laugh. It is a visual pun, a kind of play on words for the meaning of being bugged, what does it really mean?The film has two settings the one is reality and the other one is programmed by a computer. The setting of reality is set in a space ship and in an unreal land, which would be like a nightmare to someone who is used to living on earth with every thing you could want and need at hand.

The setting of the programmed world is set in America but filmed in Sydney and it looks like every day life, there are many different programmes in the computer and you are able to change location in the computer at any time.A good film also needs good characters with the way that they look and the way that they act to lift the progress of the film. The characters have to be realistic and have to be believable. They have to come across to the audience’s what there character is, either the hero or the bad guy for instance. TheHayley WoodallMatrix has all the usual characters as it includes Neo who is the hero, and then Morphius who is the leader; the film also has some romance in it between Trinity and Neo. There is a normal, even predictable ending to this film due to having Neo safe the day and realise that he is the hero of the movie and also he realises that there is love between himself and Trinity. It is a happy ending and they live happily ever after.

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To make the film better even though it has a very good story line anyway, it needed to have the main character as the star of the film, Keanu Reeves, he is very attractive and is also a good actor and was able to attract most of the audience who were his fans.The sound track is also a major part of the film its there to appeal to the audience and the sound effects are really important as they are there to put you in the mood of the film. It’s also there to help set the scene, it ca bring tension on the audience and build up peoples emotions for example when Morphius is taking Neo to see if he is the hero of the film or not.There is plenty of violence to glamorise the film and draw in men that are interested in violence and fighting, personally I don’t think that violence does glamorise anything, but in this film it has been made a major part of it due to Neo fighting lots of different people and in many different styles.

This film has been made to attract both men and women with the fighting to attract the men and the love and romance to attract the women. Due to the extent of the violence the BBFCHayley Woodall(British Board of Film Censers) had to put a 15 age certificate on the film and to get the certificate down to a 15 from the original 18, the film had a 10 second cut on two certain scenes including a lot of violence, this proves one thing that there was too much violence in this movie.The special effects from the computer had a real high press coverage so many people only came to see the film due to wanting to see the special effects and were mainly impressed with what they saw. Some of the special effects that were used in the movie were when Neo got shot and he had learnt how to move out of the way of the bullet, also it had people walking through walls and jumping off buildings.In my opinion The Matrix is an excellent film but you need to watch it a couple of times to be able to understand the story line. Compared with another good film for instance the Titanic, the Matrix and Titanic are similar as they both involve romance, drama and action.

The romance in both films is hard to come by, as the people involved in the love scenes all can’t see the love. The drama is involved in both films in the same way to set the scene. The action is mainly the men in both films with them fighting.This film is made for a variety of people so you can’t say what type of person would enjoy it.

The film includes everything that I need to make a good film for me. It has a great ending which leaves you guessing, it also makes it easy to be able to make a sequel.

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